Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD


Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD– Ali express online shopping as some call it is safer and better in many ways than Flipkart,Snapdeal etc as far as range of products and prices go.

I have written a full review on Aliexpress India here that all you should read as it answers most of the questions that all Indians need before buying from the Chinese website.In this article we will talk of the methods of payments accepted by the eCommerce company that is  the smaller sibling of

Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD

I have been buying retail goods in small quantity from as well as importing wholesale commodities from, which requires a IEC license and a business account from Fedex. After the implementation of GST on import duties, many products have become expensive to import.

Alibaba has OEM products that can be customized and branded to sell in India.In fact the reason why i say that Aliexpress is better than many Indian Websites is because many importers just like me buy from there and sell on Indian websites after keeping our commission on the goods.


Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD

No.Alixpress for Indian consumers does not allow you to pay COD as of now,(but for Saudi Arabia,it has started it,read the update below.)

One major advantage that Flipkart, Amazon India,Snapdeal etc have over Aliexpress is that they allow for COD – Cash on Delivery and Aliexpress does not- Reasons check below

When and what you can pay in cash on Delivery

I have PAID in cash – but not the full amount – and ill tell you the story.I had imported an electronic cash register about 4 years ago from Aliexpress and also imported DDR 3 RAM modules from the times i paid part of it in cash,cheque and part online payment via credit card also, all three ways.

For Aliexpress – I paid for the product online to the seller and when the Indian Post Office postman came for delivery, since the item was for commercial purpose and above free duty limits i was asked to pay the customs charges, and post charges through cash, which i did.

For Alibaba – I imported RAM modules and paid the seller online,but the Fedex delivery guy asked me to pay the delivery charges as well as customs duty in the form of cheque.They had paid the customs duty on my behalf and i had to reimburse them for it.


Why cant you pay the seller directly ?

In simple words – TO KEEP YOU and THE SELLER SAFE. This is what i love about Aliexpress.It is called Buyer protection.When you pay online, they hold the money as insurance till you get the goods safely in your hand.It is called ESCROW and Aliexpress calls this service as Alipay.

Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD

HOW YOU ARE SAFE – They do not give the money to the seller until you tell them it is the correct product and is not damaged or defective.After this you confirm you received it and only then they pay the seller.

HOW THE SELLER IS SAFE – If in case you do not accept the order,or are not at home,or the parcel is lost in transit which happens often – happened twice with me. In this case the seller still gets his money from Alipay. Imagine if this was  cash on delivery – In this case the seller would lose his money as they would not be able to send it back to China,it would be a total loss because of shipping.

So Alipay assures both you and the seller are secured, NO ONE LOSES.


If you do not have a credit card here are other ways to make a payment:

Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD

Qiwi Wallet – Similar to our Paytm and Freecharge wallets- converts to USD

Webmoney– Another wallet or purse to pay – converts to USD

Bancontact – European wallet that converts INR into EURO

Western Union – Minimum amount in cart should be $20 USD

TT/ Wire Transfer – Minimum cart should again be $ 20 USD

So the best method is credit card for small purchases,but for larger purchases you can use the above options.

June 2019 COD update

Aliexpress has started COD in Saudi Arabia.India might be next.Here is how it is done.

  • You need to use only Aliexpress direct for shipping the parcel,not china post,fedex etc
  • Value should be above $90 usd
  • An additional charge of $7 will be levied

If you have anymore questions related to this please mention in the comments below.


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