AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course


AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – In order to become an aircraft maintenance engineer,you need to join an institute that trains you to get the BAMEC – Basic Aircraft maintenance engineers certificate and  the AW – Aircraft maintenance license.These two certificate and license is granted by the DGCA after you successfully complete your training and pass the license test.

AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course

By comparison,an Aeronautical engineer has a job that deals with design,testing and implementation of aircraft body and components,whereas an AME deals with regular checking for technical malfunctions and maintenance of the components after each and every flight.


FOR AME License

This test to get the Aircraft maintenance license can only be taken after you have 4 years of experience working as an AME.

The DGCA approved institute will give you theory,practicals and training over a period of 3-4 years and prepare you for the license test,after which you will work.So you will finally get your AME license when you are about 24 years old. {4 years training+4 years experience}.


  • During the college training period you can get your BAMEC license.
  • Paper – I (Civil Aviation Requirements) – After completion of 2nd semester.
  • Paper – II (General Engineering) – After completion of 4th semester.
  • Paper – III (Mechanical / Avionics) – After completion of 5 semesters.
  • After qualifying Paper – I, II & III (Mechanical / Avionics) BAMEC (Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License) is issued from DGCA, New Delhi

But remember after you get your AME license,the sky is the limit for you,you can earn high amounts of money because what you will be doing is very specialized.


TYPES of AME Licenses issued by DGCA

Depending on the aircraft you plan on preference and its specific part,you can get your AME license accordingly.

AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course

AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course

For more details regarding the AME license go here

Duty of an Aircraft maintenance engineer

An AME is responsible for the safety,security and technical ad mechanical / avionics maintenance of aircraft.After your team checks the aircraft after each and every landing for defects and faults,you will issue a FCR – Flight Release Certificate.Only after the pilot gets this positive FCR can he/she take off again with the same aircraft.


AME Course Duration

Most AME courses run for 3 years,which is a standard course time for a Diploma.In this the first two years are spent doing theory and practicals whereas the final year is spent in OJT – On job training.

Other institutes have a 2+2 total of 4 years,in which the first two years are spent in the institute and the last two are in OJT training.

AFter your 3- 4 years Diploma course regulated by the DGCA – Directorate General of Civil Aviation you will get a license to practice as an AME.

Remember to chose an institute that is regulated and affiliated to the International Civil Aviation Organization {ICAO}


You are eligible to apply to any institute that offers a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering after you have completed your class 12 board exams from a recognized board or university.Among the subjects you opted for in junior college,Physics,Maths and Chemistry PCM should be the three subjects you took.

Note that some training institutes require you to pass an entrance test to get admission into their academy based on merit.


Institutes that can train you to be an AME

AME Course syllabus and subjects

First and Second Semester

The first year of training is devoted to teaching basic Engineering subjects such as

  1. Aircraft Rules, Regulation and CAR
  2. Workshop Technology
  3. Engineering Drawing
  4. Theory of flight
  5. Aircraft Hardware
  6. Basic Electricity
  7. Basic Electronics
  8. Aircraft Materials
  9. Aircraft Power plant

Third and Forth Semester

The second year of training, involves teaching core subjects. The course include the review of:-

  1. Aircraft Material
  2. Aircraft Power Plant
  3. Basic and Applied Electricity
  4. Aircraft Systems
  5. Aircraft Instruments
  6. Basic Avionics
  7. Aircraft Electricity & Electrical systems
  8. Electronics/Digital Aircraft systems
  9. Advanced Composites
  10. Aircraft Ground Handling and support
  11. Piston Engine Systems
  12. Aircraft structure
  13. Aerodynamics

Fifth and Sixth Semester

In the Third there is specialisation either in the Mechanical or Avionics stream. Subjects Covered are:-

  1. Aircraft Wiring, Bonding & Screening
  2. Integrated Flight Control System
  3. Aircraft Instrument
  4. Aircraft Instrument Systems
  5. Aircraft Electrical Systems
  6. Engine Fuel System
  7. Lubrication System
  8. Aircraft Power Plant and Accessories
  9. Aircraft Propeller System
  10. Engine Starting/Run-up System
  11.  Piston Engine System Trouble Shooting
  12.  Airborne Radio Communication & Navigational Equipment
  13.  Radio & Radar Aids to Navigation
  14.  Radio Test Equipment
  15.  Radar Theory
  16.  Aircraft System
  17.  Aircraft Fuel System
  18. Aircraft Structure
  19. Aircraft Cessna 152/172 Inspection Procedures
  20. Aircraft P68C/PA30 Twin Engine Aircraft Inspection Procedure
  21. 6 months On-Job-Training at Carver Aviation (CAR145 approved Facilities)

Admission and FEES for the AME course

You can apply online to many of the AME training centers and institutes in India.After paying the required admission fees you can submit your required documents.Some institutes insist on a entrance test which you need to clear,others will give you admission based on your 12th class PCM score.

FEE structure { approx} for the first 2 years3rd and 4th year are OJT so no fees.

Tuition fees – Rs.3,70,000

Airport Fees – Rs.1,20,000

Library – Rs.10,000 – one time

Admission – Rs.35,000 – one time

Uniform – Rs.9000 – one time

Counselling – Rs 15,000 – one time

Total fees for two years is approx 5,50,000 – five lacs fifty thousand


Future scope job and Career

AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course

This is one of the ads we found for AME jobs.For freshers the salary is from 1.5-3 lacs per annum.You need to remember that freshers do not have an AME license,and hence the salary will be low.

Skills you need to be hired:

  • Performing Scheduled maintenance
  • Making emergency repairs
  • Preparing for FAA Inspections

Some of the jobs in each sector that will hire AMEs:

  • Defense Aviation
  • Government Aviation
  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Cargo Carriers
  • Aircraft Manufacturers



So in a short summary,we can say that you need to do 3 and a half years training in a DGCA college to get a BAMEC license which is the basic license.

Then you work for 4 years and give the exam to get an AME license.After getting this AME license you are fully qualified and can demand a salary of atleast Rs.60,000-70,000 a month minimum.

Remember that many people also just do the BAMEC during college and then after many years finally apply for the AME.It is upto you,but with just a BAMEC you wont get such a good salary.











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