Andhra Pradesh APDMP Project Management Job


APDMP, Guntur is an organization of Department of Agriculture, GoAP requires candidates for Project Management, Planning and M&E.

Number of posts:01


1.Academic qualification from a recognized University or equivalent

2. Post graduate in economics, statistics, planning M&E or related discipline

3. Relevant training on • Project planning including log frames and budgeting • Monitoring and evaluation methods, • Statistics and data statistics.

Work Experience:

Minimum of 5-8 years work , experience in rural development projects in  a planning and/or monitoring role . Experience in the management of M&E systems.



Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Management, Planning and M&E: At project start-up, work with the project team and other stakeholders, to draw up detailed implementation plans – including budgets – for the initial 18 months. Reference may be made to a draft AWPB prepared by IFAD. At project start-up review the proposed M&E system as set out in the PIM, make any changes required to reflect adjustments in project design and with regard to the feasibility of data collection. Support annual planning processes, working with the APD and other staff to consolidate district AWPBs and prepare a project AWPB. Modify and update the AWPB during the course of the year as required. Take charge of the monitoring of implementation process – tracking physical activities and outputs against targets in the AWPB and project design, and indicators in the project log frame. This will involve ensuring that relevant information is collected by Facilitating Agencies and FPOs, and then collated by DPMUs. Outline progress reporting requirements from managers responsible for implementing activities/components and define formats for standard reports (monthly, quarterly and annual), which may feed into the MIS. Coordinate the overall project M&E system unit in order to monitor outcomes and evaluate impacts. Outcome monitoring will be primarily the responsibility of the process M&E team in the LTA, but their work will need to be monitored to ensure that
File No.APDMP/8/2017 it is of the required standard, generating useful information for project management, and that reports are delivered on time. Refine and adapt the draft ToR in the PIM for an external agency to conduct a baseline/impact survey programme, including methodology, selection of indicators, and sample design selection. Advise project management on selection of the survey agency, and ensure that their work is done to the required standard. With support from the LTA, organize training and workshops to familiarize project staff with the M&E system and system for data recording and reporting. In conjunction with M&E staff in the LTA, explore possibilities of using electronic data gathering tools (mobile phones, tablet computers) in place of paper forms and questionnaires. If these tools seem useful, introduce them on a pilot scale for testing before scaling-up. Define the need for additional M&E studies in consultation with the senior project management team. Identify agencies in the public and private sectors with the capabilities and experience relevant for implementing specific ad-hoc M&E studies (unless these are done in-house by the M&E team). Provide information to missions such as IFAD and others as and when undertaken. Any other work assigned by the COO & other senior officers.


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