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Animation Courses – Professional Animation and Multimedia has helped create stunning visuals on the big screen since almost 2 decades now.It continues to grow as an industry and all types of media,most importantly Hollywood motion pictures have begun using it more and more in almost every big budget movie that releases.

IF you have a flair for art,craft,illustration or designing,you can easily transfer those skills onto a computer program and enhance that talent.There are some very powerful graphic designing tools like 3D Studio max,Maya,Corel draw etc. that allow you to create realistic life like 3 dimensional visuals and there after animate them.

If you have completed your class 12 or not a graduate yet,these courses are open for you.Some can be done from private classes and some are taught in college via a formal degree or diploma.

What does Animate mean ?

Animation is derived from the word “to animate”.This means to”give life to” or “give motion” to.In the older days,50 years ago,a series of sketches were hand drawn and run together in order to get a moving image or moving picture.That too could only create a 2 dimensional sketch.

In todays time we use the computer to generate,edit,process and run the images – all in 3D.We can even add filters,changes colors,change backgrounds at the click of a mouse! It is that simple.

Even though for certain jobs in animation,there still is a  need to be a good hand artist,especially in the stage of concept art and character creation.

The animation software that are used to create these 3 dimensional CGI are very complex and need  few months to master a single software.Believe me i have tried. It took me a few hours just to create a 3D sphere and move it.



You can either do your animation courses from a provate instiute, college or polytechnic.


Animation courses are divided into different categories,depending on the skill that you wish to learn.

This according to me is the best type education you can get,as it is industry specific.You will get practical training from the very start,and it will mainly cater to job specific standards.

Some of the courses available at private institutes are:

  • 3D Animation Courses – These courses are designed to teach you the entire range of skills to become a professional 3D artist right from the pre production stage to post production of an animation film.
  • VFX Courses – This Visual Effects course will teach you how special effect are added to films and will also show you the entire editing process for the same
  • Multimedia and Design – This will help you in styling images and videos for print,web designing and publishing
  • Game design – Very good course for people who love video games,mobile games,PC games.You will learn how to create characters,environment and finally bring the entire game to life.
  • Media and Entertainment – You learn VAR – Virtual relity,augmented reality and brpadcasting in this VERY important course that is taking the entire world by storm.

Most of these classes run from 6 months to 1.5 years and are much more expensive compared to a degree college or diploma polytechnic.Fees can be in the range of 1-1.5 lacs per course,but the level of teaching is very high as the faculty have worked extensively in the film and animation industry.


These are small institutes that are mostly  privately run,but some diploma colleges also exist.The courses offered here are Diplomas and Certificate courses.

Diploma courses typically run for 1 -1.5 years and can cost anywhere from Rs.45,000 – Rs.75.000.

Certificate courses are good for people who already have a day job or part time job and do not have much time to spend in classes.Compared to Diploma courses,this is very good because they are fast track and finish within a few months.All certificate courses last for maximum 6 months,that too happens on weekends or once a week.

Some of the courses offered here are:

  • Diploma in VFX,Animation and Video Editing
  • Diploma in 3D and 2D Animation
  • Certificate Course in Video production and Post production
  • Certificate Course in VFX,VR and Augmented Virtual Reality
  • Certificate Course in 3D Animation.

3.Bachelors Courses

These types of courses last for 3 years and are only offered by degree colleges.You can do these bachelors courses after doing class 12 from a recognized board.There are not many colleges that offer these courses,so if you plan on taking it then make sure to start looking for them from a few months before.

Advantages and Disadvantages of doing a bachelors Animation course.

  • These courses are much longer compared to private coaching,diploma and certification and last for 3 years.
  • They are full time courses and entail projects, lectures, assignments, exams.
  • There is focus on theory also,and you tend to spend lots of unnecessary time and energy on theory,which will not have any real world application.
  • Main advantage is that you get a graduation degree.This is extremely useful and has lots of weight-age to your overall educational qualification.After getting you graduation you can do another course in another discipline if you like.

Some of the Bachelors Courses are:

  • B.Sc In Animation and Multimedia
  • B.Sc in VFX and 3D Animation


Animation is a highly skilled job and you will get employment in media houses,advertising agencies and Film Production houses.

Did you know that majoirty of hollywood movies outscource thier VFX and animation sequences to India?

It is much cheaper here to produce and also us Indians are really good at whatever we do!These are the two main reasons for us getting major Hollywood contract deals.

In your animation career,you can easily start off with a salary of Rs.25,000 a month and work upwards towards that,by learning more skills and new animation software.

Below are listed the best animation jobs currently in the market.Employers are searching for people with the skills listed below.

Best animation jobs

1.Software Motion designer and Illustrator

This is one of the primary jobs that you can get in the animation industry and is also one of the most challenging.There are two main componenets to this job – Motion and Illustration.

Some of the skills needed for this job are:

Motion includes:

  • Animations in UI components.
  • Animations in static websites; scroll based animations
  • Movement, energy and feel of a product as part of branding.
  • Original, complex transitions and navigation in mobile apps.
  • Providing emotion in content / context. (Think Pixar).

Illustration includes:

  • Ability to create original vector graphics that define the look and feel of original products.- Take landing pages to the next level.
  • Creativity and ability to bring the diversity and traditions of India and other world cultures into a software context

2. 2D Animation

    -Create concepts and mock-ups that depict the script and narrative
    – Illustrate and sketch characters, background and objects for the videos
    – Have great sense of creativity and eye for picking/ creating right character animation for the videos
    – Develop the timing and pace of the movements of a character or object during the sequence of images and ensuring they follow the soundtrack and audio requirements
    – Have the creativity to use static images, clips from existing videos, sound from existing AVs, animation characters and text to create video content relevant to the topic
    – Produce new concepts and come up with different graphic representation ideas for same topic
    – Maintain brand standards and image through creative conceptualization, design, layout for a variety of collateral materials and other media as required.

3 Animation teacher / trainer faculty in VFX institute

    – Having knowledge of 3D Software like 3DS Max and Maya , After Effect. Good knowledge of Zbrush , Nuke, Fusion, Mocha Matchmover, Silhouette, and other VFX software. Should have prior experience in Teaching field.
    – Graduate with good communication skills and must be good command over 3D & VFX Software’s. Candidate should have sound knowledge of 3d production softwares like MAX and MAYA.
    – Faculty / Trainer – 3D Max, Maya, VFX -4.Quality Engineer – Animation, VFX, Photoshop, AdobeLinear Quality Control Overview
    Brief Description: The Quality Control department of Deluxe Media Services is involved in quality checks & verification of home entertainment products such as Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Distribution (online streaming services).
    The intention of this testing is to achieve 100% compliance with the Hollywood industry standards.
    Quality Engineers perform 100% watch throughs (i.e., watch the content from start to finish) to ensure that all content meet the requirements of the defined standard checklists so that there are no audio, video or subtitle issues that could disrupt the viewing experience of our customers.










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