APCRDA Andhra Horticulture jobs


APCRDA- Andhra pradesh Capital Region Development Authority ,Vijaywada wants eligible candidates on contract basis initally for 1 year upto 2 years for  the post of APCRDA Andhra Horticulture supervisor

Number of pots:06


Diploma study in Horticulture, equivalent of above.

Tools: MS Office

People skills: Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.

Experience for APCRDA Andhra Horticulture

2 years experience in development and maintenance of landscape and greenery,nursery operations.

2 years of work experience in maintenance of greenery and landscape activities ? Working experience with Urban Development Authorities, National Parks, government and large infrastructure projects is preferable. ? Experience working in the Infrastructure development. Real estate, urban development and Government would be preferred ? Good spoken and written communication skills ? High integrity and openness combined with commitment to good governance ? Ability to handle physical workload as well as high levels of pressure and critical decision making with a history of teamwork and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done.


Landscape and Greenery Designing ? Take ground level measurements with the help of horticulture workers for the preparation of the landscape design or plan for greenery development. ? Assist his/her superior in identifying the site level conditions like previous land use/activities/irrigation sources/material stocking sites/site topography which helps in preparing design, estimate and to be prepared for/to mitigate the site level difficulties. ? Execute the design at site level is the primarily responsibility. ? Thorough understanding of the design/plan and plan of action for implementation is required. ? He/ She has to explain to the contractor and his workers about the site conditions and sequence of operations before initiating any project such that the contractor plans accordingly for the procurement of materials/machines/implements/labour. ? He/ She shall ensure that all the operations are as per the procedures/estimates and shall report in writing with explanation to his/her superiors in case of deviations if any. ? He/she shall ensure that good quality plant material, skilled labour and necessary implements are to be procured by the contractor for execution of the project. ? Shall ensure that the contractor utilizes the resources like water and electricity in wise manner during development and maintenance. ? He/ She shall record the work executed frequently for accountability andtransparency.
Nursery Operations ? He/ She is responsible to all the nurseries allotted and Safe guarding the nurseries, plants.
APCRDALandscape and EnvironmentDivision Job Description

? Any theft of/ or damage to any asset/item in the nurseries are to be enquired properly and to be reported to the superiors immediately. ? He/ She is responsible for engaging Daily labour and attendance and leave monitoring. ? Maintain a record for all activates performed related to the nurseries. ? Support negotiations for final terms of allotments/ investment
Documentation and Reporting ? Monitorprogressofprojectsand flag off deviations ? He/ she shall maintain office re cords of all the works under his/her control and should report to the superiors.
Grounding ? He/ She shall create awareness among the field workers about the wise application of fertilizers/pesticides/insecticides and explain the method of application for the safety of the workers and the environment ? Shall ensure that that waste i.e., polythene bags, tins of chemicals etc. from any development project under his/ her control is properly disposed by the contractor.

How to apply:

online applications only on the website www.crda.ap.gov.in in the career tab, before 30-12-2017

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