Apture WordPress Plugin Review


Apture WordPress Plugin Review – Almost every wordpress publisher has used wordpress plugins that allow readers to click on embedded links within the post that point to either a page on the same wordpress website or out link to another page. What Apture wordpress plugin does is let the publisher instantaneous by opening a popup that lets you search through other major web 2.0 websites in order to add video,imagesĀ  and other rich media to a particular spot in the post.This makes things easier and more interactive for the user. Now,when the outlink is embedded in a particular text, something like anchor text,a simple mouse hover over those words will instantaneously show the embedded media that was inserted by the publisher.This popup feature of Apture uses Javascript to ingeniously elevate user experience and bring depth to an otherwise plain text passage.

apture wordpress plugin review

Another Great feature of Apture is its hovering search bar that also has Facebook and twitter tabs to share content from your webpage. Of course the search bar allows users to search through the content from your website at any point of time. These attributes help the user to stay on your page a little bit longer and discover more. Monetizing the page with Apture on it is made easier by Amazon affiliate links that can be placed effectively.

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