B.Sc. Dialysis Technology after 12th


B.Sc. Dialysis Technology after 12th –  ALso called as Renal Dialysis Therapy – This degree course that can be done after finishing class 12 in science stream is meant for those candidates who want to become a Dialysis machine technician. This Hemodialysis machine is complicated and a trained technician needs to take care of the patient before and after the procedure is over.

It is part of the allied health services industry or paramedical health course that is also a branch of medicine and lets you work directly under a supervising doctor or physician.

What is dialysis?

The natural function of the Kidneys in the body is to purify blood by acting like a filter,removing toxins as well as excreting the bad byproducts in the urine.It is one of the most important organs in the human body and if the purification is not done of the blood then the entire circulating blood in the body becomes toxic.

When the kidneys do not function upto requirement,the person needs to attached to an artificial filtration system called as the “Hemostatis Machine”.This  blood purification machine acts like a kidney and performs the task of the nonfunctional kidney.


About the B.Sc Dialysis Technology course

The course for B.Sc Dialysis technology is a 3 years long program and 6 months internship after that.It is divided into 6 semesters of 2 semesters per year.

Some of the subjects in this course are:

First year

  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology [Clinical pathology, Hematology, & Blood banking]
  • Microbiology

Second year

  • Applied anatomy and Physiology related to dialysis technology.
  • Pharmacology related to Dialysis Technology
  • Concepts of Renal Disease.
  • Applied Aspects of Pathology and Microbiology.

Third Year

  • Applied Dialysis Technology – Paper I
  • Applied Dialysis Technology – Paper II

Eligibility,Fees and Admission

In order to get admission into a senior college for this degree you need to have done class 12 with science and Biology as one of the main subjects.A score of atleast 55% in class 12 board exams is required to get a seat in F.Y.B.Sc however some regional smaller colleges will admit you with a lower score depending on the demand for seats at that time.

If you do this course from a private non aided university then you will have to pay atleast Rs.50,000 per semester,so that works out to about 3 lac rupees for the entire 3 years course.For government colleges the fees will be much lesser,almost one quarter.

Future Job Career and Salary

Just like any other allied healthcare job the demand for your profession is always more and you will always be paid well.Remember that this is a highly specialized course and only a trained dialysis operator can have the skill set to correctly configure their machines.

Either in a hospital,clinic or home,you can get a job as :

  • Dialysis Assistant
  • Dialysis Therapist
  • Dialysis nurse
  • Dialysis Technologist

The lifestyle of most people has degenerated over the last decade mainly due to lack of exercise and the foods rich in sodium content,which can affect the kidneys after the age of 40.Due to this many corporate hospital chains are trying to cash in on this new man made illness.These hospitals have started to set up entire wards dedicated only to dialysis and renal treatment,this is why there will always be requirements for this profession.

Tasks of a Dialysis Technician

In order to get a job,these are some of the things you will be required and expected to do as part of your duties and responsibilities:

  • Setting up of the dialysis machine
  • Mix the dialysate according to the provided formula
  • Priming of dialysate with saline
  • Check respiration,weight,pressure and pulse
  • Attach dialyzer into patients forearm or catheter
  • Monitor patient and check machine for malfunction
  • Post dialysis care of patient

















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