B.Sc. Nautical Science course scope, eligibility, jobs and salary details


B.Sc. Nautical Science course scope, eligibility, jobs and salary details – This 3 year B.Sc degree will give you the correct start as a cadet on a ship to stat your dream in the merchant navy.This training course is the first step to become a deck cadet after which you can progress to officer/mate cadres.


Marine Engineering and Nautical Science

There is some confusion between marine engineering and nautical science.Both courses can be taken up after doing 10+2 and both require pre sea training.But the major difference is that in Nautical Science you will be tasked with deck duties and in Marine engineering you will be working in the engine room of the ship.

As far as salary goes,marine engineers get paid more than deck officers simply because the work involved is more complex,specialized and the also working conditions are much harder.

Deck cadets will get easier jobs like navigation and controls while marine engineers will work on ballast tanks,propulsion etc.


Before you go on to read the article,check whether you are eligible to apply to these maritime institutes for the B.Sc Nautical sciences.

  • Age upto 25 years
  • PCM marks in class 12th above 60% and English above 50%
  • 6/6 eyesight in both eyes
  • Medical fitness certificate by DGS doctor


Some of the colleges where you can get a B.Sc Nautical Sciences degree

At the bottom i have included a link to the entire list of DG approved maritime institutes.Note that not all the institutes mentioned there offer the B.Sc Nautical Sciences course,some offer the GP rating and some the Marine engineering course.

1} T.S. Rahman

MTI ,Mumbai

Anglo Indian Training College

2) IMU Campuses – Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi, Vishakhapatnam, Navi Mumbai


3) Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training

SAMS Marine college,Chennai


4) T. S. Chanakya

5) Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training


7) VELS Maritime

For the full list of colleges approved by the Directorate of Shipping go here

About the course

The course can be directly pursued after class 12 science.It is  a total of 3 years long course and is broken up into  in classroom theoretical studies after which you need to do 1.5 years of on board training.

After completing this training out will again do a 4 month preparatory course and give the MMD exams.Now you will be qualified for rank of 3rd officer.

FEES – Most maritime institutes charge about 2-2.5 lacs per year,so this works out to Rs.7-8 lacs for the entire course.


Some other maritime courses you can pursue are:

  • B.E. Marine Engineering
    • Bsc Nautical Science
    • Diploma Nautical Science
    • Trainee Marine Engg for Diploma Holders
    • Trainee Marine Engg for Graduates
    • General Purpose Ratings


After finishing your B.Sc Nautical Science course you will become a Deck Cadet and get a salary of about $750 a month.

After 12 months of sea service and after giving the second mate examination and 18 months of sea service as 2nd or 3rd officer you will get a salary of atleast $2000 a month.

After this you can work towards first mate after giving the first mate exam,chief officer and subsequently captain.



Joining the merchant navy as a deck cadet is a very financially rewarding career and within a span of 2.5 years you can earn a lac of rupees a month






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