Bipolar traits in adults

Bipolar traits in adults – Bipolar disorder Is a personality crisis mental disease that can be degenerative. It is often described as the smaller cousin of Schizophrenia, which is thought to be a fiercer more possessive form of mental illness. Although the symptoms might seem similar at first, there is a varied difference between bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia. Both can be confused with  a type of split personality disorder. Bipolar is many cases affects older teens and young adults, it can also progress to middle aged adults.

Bi- polar refers to two poles or two or more distinct moods,which can be broadly classified into two – namely manic traits and depressive traits, as in opposed to Schizophrenia with two or more personalities. These they are a list of bipolar traits in adults:

bipolar traits in adults – Manic Traits


2.Lethargic Behaviour

3. Negative thoughts and actions

4.Seclusion and anti social behaviour

5.Lack of enthusiasm for most things

6.Dazed and confused, inability to focus to trivial issues

7.Talk and thoughts of self inflicting harm

bipolar traits in adults -Depressive Traits

1.Excessive Happiness and self contention for trivial things

2.Need to concentrate on uneventful instances

3.Actions and words are faster than otherwise

4.Need to prove self worth by taking on bigger tasks

5.Overestimating your capabilities

6.Impulsive and rash/reckless actions that happen in spurts

bipolar traits in adultsbipolar traits in adults

Difference between Bipolar type 1 and type 2

In Bipolar type 1 there are more manic episodes than depressive and is less common form of Bipolar disorder. In contrast Bipolar type 2 has more of depressive episodes and less manic.


bipolar traits in adults test

There are a few online self tests to check for bipolar traits in adults and can be done in a few minutes.Check below for a few links.

bipolar traits in adults test from PSYCOM

bipolar traits in adults test from BLACK DOG

bipolar disorder symptoms in older adults

The symptoms are similar to younger adults but the onset is more aggressive as the condition has deteriorated.

1.Lack of concentration and focus on simple tasks

2.Disorientation and confusion

3.Lack of sleep

4.Lack of appetite

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