How to get a student campus job


How to get a student campus job – One of  the first questions that hit your mind when you enrolled in college was-how long before i get a chance to earn some pocket money and then you start browsing around for student campus jobs .

During your stint as  a student at your university abroad,your visa clearly states that you have gone there to study ONLY,and under no circumstances can you take employment at any place outside the university premises,for the first six months,but it doesn’t say you cant work inside the walls of the campus. Of course the university isn’t bound by rules of wages,so they do pay much less than any other ordinary job in the outside world,which is still alright,to which they adjust  against your tuition fee,something like a rebate.

How to get a student campus job

You can contact the administrative office in your university,as they always need volunteers and teachers assistants for a few hours during each week.This could get you anywhere from $200-$400 a week depending on the job description and the amount of hours you will be required to put in during the week.Other options can be looking at a part item job at the campus cafeteria,or the local ice cream  franchise chain that’s setup a campus location,that would be better money  but remember its only just for pocket money and don’t expect too much,you can earn once your out of college, for now, a small stint  here and there should be ok just to clear rent .

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