Career as a chef


Career as a chef – Gone are the days when they were called cooks,and earnedĀ  measly living.In the past,the best a chef could do,is go to a gulf country or work on the ship,this occupation was often looked down upon,and all parents wanted were for their kids to be doctors and engineers,but I know chefs today that earn as much as any other professional would.

They have the least stress,have the most parties and some go on to open swanky restaurants,and I cant even start to tell you how glamorous and exciting that life can be.The hospitality industry is today larger than ever,the best institutions now incorporate a hospitality program in their courses,and you can now even get a bachelors degree in hospitality.This Is due to the fact that a majority of students are now steering clear of professions that have more competition,and opt for a less conventional future.Most courses that are offered in the hospitality segment are a 2 to 3 year course, the theoretical aspect of it is negligible,and not at all challenging,which makes the chefscourse fun,and the practical sessions are like picnics,wher you all work together and cook in groups,and let your imagination run wild with the gastronomic concoctions that can be assembled on a plate,your stint asĀ  chef will definitely feel and taste good;


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