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ECR Cash Register Character Code Table

ECR Cash Register Character Code Table – Before the advent of touchscreen POS systems, Electronic Cash Registers were the norm for any retail institution. Many are still used today at grocery mom and pop stores. If you manually want to program item names, its easy with the help of this ECR character code table. Simply […]

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Does the Google Panda Penguin affect Adsense CPC

Does the Google Panda Penguin affect Adsense CPC – Browsing through a million forums after the first penguin hit in April in desperate search to salvage dropped earnings, the best I found were vague opinions on Adsense CPC drops.The thing is, In the last 18 months, there have been so many algorithm changes and constant […]

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When you want to give up on blogging

When you want to give up on blogging  – Every blogger at some time point in time loses faith and lets years of hard work spiral into an effortless haze. There are various reasons as to why a onetime healthy blog/website comes to a dreadful end but why you should not give up on blogging . […]

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Make money from adsense post penguin and panda

Make money from adsense post penguin and panda – Penguin and panda can be seen as filters  in an extended ongoing effort to kill SEO. Lets face it, the people working for Google’s product search division are on an average, a teeny bit smarter than you and me. By trying to tweak phrases,keywords and pictures […]

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Unconventional ways of being a good businessman

Unconventional ways of being a good businessman – There are thousands of blog posts,self motivational books and guides that drop tips on how to be a better businessman and learn tricks that may help you succeed in your business endeavors. In my post i have some unorthodox traits that some highly successful business people i […]

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Testatrix or Testator appointed Executor

Testator appointed Executor – Here are a few brief points to show how a Testator appointed Executor can help with handling your estate. 1.Age Make sure that he/she is much younger than you.This may seem very obvious,but there have been cases where the executor dies before the testator/testatrix. 2.Alternative Have an alternative executor to your estate.This […]

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Benefits and advantages of a will

The best benefits and advantages of a will, and why you need to get yours done ASAP 1.You dictate where your assets should go Probably the most important reason for making a will is so that you can allocate where and to whom your assets can be given to.this can make things convenient and will […]

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Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

Dell India laptop warranty – When I went to pickup a laptop, I thought that dell was one of the best in the market, and Dell India Laptop Warranty would be as good For one reason, it’s the most expensive in its segment. I purchased a Core i3 Vostro for Rs.24,500 which came with a […]

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hathway new tariff plans november 2012

Hathway Broadband Tariff Plans November NEW

Hathway Broadband Tariff plans for November have been in effect from 2 October 2012. There are a few new plans that are in the end of this chart. Many popular plans have download limits increased which is very good.If you are a new subscriber to Hathway, you can choose your plan here, or if you […]

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online vat maharashtra

How to pay VAT online in Maharashtra MAHAVAT

How to pay VAT online in Maharashtra MAHAVAT– In order to make your VAT payments online swiftly and easily, lets start by going to the Maharashtra VAT website online portal  at http://mahavat.gov.in. For first time users, they will have to register themselves before making the VAT payments. On the left side menu click on “eregistration”. Like […]

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foodpanda.in deals

Should you order from foodpanda.in

Should you order from foodpanda.in – Global Rocket group of internet properties owned foodpanda.com’ s sub territorial offspring in india is foodpanda.in. Just launched over a month ago, foodpanda.in has already begun its aggressive online advertisement campaigns through the Google Adsense network. The concept of foodpanda is simple. It lists restaurants and eateries ina particular city, arranged area […]

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Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

Best Android phones under 7000 new 2018

Best Android phones under 7000 new 2018 -There maybe other articles on the web about cheap android phones.But that’s what exactly they are CHEAP, nothing else.Here,i want to concentrate more on quality at a cheap price. As far as i can,let try to focus on big brands that offer excellent handsets rather than local companies […]

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Myntra reviews

Myntra reviews | myntra.com shoes online

Myntra reviews | myntra.com – After reviewing other shopping websites like Flipkart,Indiatimes and Naaptol.I wanted to see  good or bad this overly advertised site was,as far as customer service and product quality went.There are other myntra reviews out there,but i doubt anyone of those had an experience like mine. 1st try I decided to order […]

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Apture WordPress Plugin Review

Apture WordPress Plugin Review – Almost every wordpress publisher has used wordpress plugins that allow readers to click on embedded links within the post that point to either a page on the same wordpress website or out link to another page. What Apture wordpress plugin does is let the publisher instantaneous by opening a popup […]

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VUZIX is one of the biggest manufacturers of video goggles In the world, and likes to hold its usp as quality video eyewear as compared to “cheaper mass produced Chinese goggles”.In the coming months, eager consumers are anticipating the foray of Vuzix into the Indian Subcontinent. Some of their products are already showcased in big […]

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Video Goggles review- ITV Goggles

Video Goggles review- ITV Goggles – one of the leading distributors of video goggles based in the U.S  has launched its range of portable movie theaters. The video goggles when worn,shows a virtual screen 7 feet away from your eyes.Like a personal portable movie theater,it has an inbuilt memory of 2GB and ports that can […]

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Online Shopping in India

Online Shopping in India – In 1998 we got the first taste of online shopping in India with the advent of rediff.It was one of the biggest and the earliest entrants into online retail and still is one of  the top ten most visited sites in India .At that time it was still  a far […]

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Computer hardware price list

Computer hardware price list  – Some of the best shops on Ritchie street and other areas to check out: 1.Amalgamations 2.RC Automation 3.Rashi Peripherals 4.Samta Infotech 5.Delta Peripherals   Processors I5 /2500k-11400 I5/2500-10800 I3/2100-5950 C2D E7500-5825 Athlon2 x2 260 3150 Phenom2 x4 840 5100 Phenom2x4 955  6200   LCD monitor 15”     4100 18.5” […]

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