Credit Card Collection inside story

Credit Card Collection inside story – Having worked at credit card collections for one of the biggest card issuers in Texas, ive seen it all  and heard it all,mostly irate customers of course.Some admit to defaulting on payment, some yell and threaten to file a legal suit against the card provider, and a few sheepishly bow down and make an online payment against the minimum due.

Even us collection agents give a humble vile suggestion ever so often to stubborn customers.We word it carefully before putting it across in the mildest way possible.If you make a small payment towards your due credit, it wont be reported to the credit bureaus.As a last resort it usually works.I think the word “bureau” does the trick.After taking a PTP- Promise to pay from a customer that tells us  they’ll make the payment shortly.

Two measures that mark a collection agents performance is the number of PTPs and number of checks collected.Top level collectors get to work on these accounts.These agents excel in the art of negotiation,persuasion and reasoning.Lower level collectors handle the OL-Over limit and UTC-Unable to contact accounts.

Even pushy & authoritative collectors like us soften up sometimes to customers begging and pleading with us not to call so much during a given day. We explain to them that the defaulters details are fed into an automated dialer and without a PTP or check, the dialer just wont stop.The next step in the collection cycle is to get the defaulting customer at work.This is particularly embarrassing  for many people as  a call from the credit card company at work can only mean one thing.This is where we face maximum number of irate customers yelling at us never to call them at work.

A simple way to just avoid all this is make you minimum dues on time. Its only 3% of the total amount due,a tiny amount. Its not worth going through hell, collections can bring on you,even if you’re  a first time offender, you’re phone will ring.

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