DHLS (Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech)


DHLS (Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech) – This short one year course is meant for students who have completed class 12 with science and biology as a main subject.The primary job of a DHLS healthcare professional is to assist person with hearing and speech disabilities.It is part of the special education and is affiliated to the RCI – Rehabilitation Council of India,which is the governing and regulating body like the MCI and VCI.

Other special needs education courses are:

  • D.Ed.Spl Edu – DHH
  • B.Ed.-SE
  • D.Ed Spl Edu – MR – Mental retardation
  • FCECD – foundation course in education if children with disabilities
  • DCBR – Diploma in community based rehabilitation

You main job as a DHLS is to identify and analyze the defect and disorder and appropriately refer the patient to an audiologist for further treatment.

Note that you will not be qualified to treat the patient,only to make an initial diagnosis of the condition.

Who and why should join this course

Before making up your mind and deciding if this is the right type of course for you,here are a few things to consider.First remember that this is primarily a teaching based course and you,along with other educators will be attending to and dealing with kids that have either speech,hearing defects and disabilities.

Although the educators will go in for a B.Ed and D.Ed degrees with special education,as shown above,you also,upto a certain extent be teaching person with these impairments to learn to communicate in an effective manner.

The places that you can get employment are mostly schools and clinic.These are the two most common areas where your expertise will be needed.

Your job will be to help hearing and speech impaired people with therapy through a righours slow process of rehabilitation.It requires lots of patience,care and dedication.This course i not for everyone and you have to be genuinely selfless and good hearted in order to make this a professional career.

About the DHLS course

The course itself is a Diploma that is one year long and includes theory as well as practical lectures on subjects related to methods of analysis and treatment of communication disorders.If you have done science in class 12 with PCB as main subjects,then you can easily apply for this course.

Admission to this course is based on merit and your marks that you got in physics,chemistry and biology will be taken as the score.Some institutes also admit students even if you are class 12 pass depending on the seats that need to be filled,and this is done on first cum first serve basis.



The most number of vacancies for DLHS diploma holders is in children’s schools.Here you will play a vital role in assessing the extent of disability of the child and also accordingly work closely with the teachers and helpers to monitor their progress.

Other places where you can get a job will be NGOs that work with charities and provide care,treatment,medication and services to underprivileged persons.

Private clinics also specializing in speech and hearing impairment will also hire you.

Hospitals – both private and government also constantly will require your services and offer you employment.




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