Difference between IIT JEE and AIEEE


Difference between IIT JEE and AIEEE – Many 10+2 students are getting ready for the final showdown. Besides being an entrance exam for a different set of colleges that each of these represent, the difference between IIT JEE and AIEEE is varied along the lines of exam duration, type of questioning, slight variation in syllabus and study pattern. On the outside, AIEEE is a front for a set of colleges that ranks way below the IITs, but much higher than many local state wide engineering colleges in terms of infrastructure and final year placements.

One important question that we must address here is- should you study for IIT or AIEEE ? Or both perhaps?or take the safest route and only study for your 10+2 exam. All these three have the basic same syllabus pattern, but each one of them tests the student on a totally different level of knowledge formula, meaning each one of them wants the student to understand the concept in a different way. While IIT JEE like previous years will try to stress on understanding fundamentals, AIEEE will be based on how those fundamentals can be applied to  solve problems  effectively, accurately and quickly.AIEEE type of questions are in that way more similar to what one would encounter in their 10+2, whereas IIT JEE is absolutely different in that respect.Other aspects of the number of question,duration of examination are slightly more than that of AIEEE2012.

AIEEE is a much newer examination as compared to IIT JEE and maybe after a few years it might tighten up the question pattern and become harder to crack. This makes it more exclusive, because when students hear that IIT JEE has only passing of 2%, gives that sense of  a five star institute, which inturn makes it more appealing and challenging

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