Diploma in Education (D.Ed.)


Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) – This is another Diploma in elementary education that aims to train teachers in teaching techniques for students of grades 1st to class 8.It is a similar diploma to D.El.Ed but the features of the course are the same.Make sure to only join a D.Ed course that has NCTE approval.

Similar courses to D.Ed

  • D.El.Ed
  • JBT
  • ETT

Difference between D.Ed and D.El.Ed

The major difference between these two Diplomas is that the D.El.Ed is certified by NIOS,whereas the D.Ed is offered by many polytechnics all across the country.

D.Ed is a more popular certification for teaching young students of class 1 to class 8 whereas D.El.Ed is a newer Diploma that is used to train teachers for Elementary students. It is also regulated by NCTE.

D.Ed follows the course structure and curriculum of SCERT, Haryana.


Eligibility to D.Ed Course

In order to get admission to a D.Ed course in a college,you need to have done your class 12 or any other 10+2 exam.You need to have atleast 50% marks in this qualification exam for open category and atleast 45% if you are in reserved category.Note that most private colleges do not have a reserved category.

FEES – Most government colleges will charge about Rs.15,000 – Rs,20,000 per annum for this D.Ed course and private will be almost double.

What will you learn in the D.Ed course?

  • To help students understand concepts using available tools
  • Show teachers a better ways of creating subject matter
  • Show teachers how children learn and understand concepts
  • Methods of verbal and non verbal communication

About the course


It is a two year course that usually is divided into 4 semesters .The course will have two sections,practical and theory.The theory section will have four papers of 100 marks each,one optional subject paper and two teaching subjects.Total 7 papers that have to be passed.

Besides this the practical teaching is the most important aspect and you will be graded in front of a live teaching class also.

In addition to this there will be assignments and assessments both.

Some of the subjects you will learn are:

First year

Childhood and the Development of Children
Contemporary Indian Society
Education, Society, Curriculum and Learners
Towards Understanding the Self
Pedagogy across the Curriculum
Understanding Language and Early Literacy
Mathematics Education for the Primary School Child
Proficiency in English


Second Year

Cognition, Learning and the Socio-Cultural Context
Teacher Identity and School Culture
School Culture, Leadership and Change
Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
Pedagogy of English Language
Optional Pedagogic Courses
Social Science Education
Language Education
Mathematics Education
Science Education
Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education


Children’s Physical and Emotional Health, School Health and Education.
Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education
Work and Education
School Internship



Doing your D.Ed is the most important step for you to get a teaching job in any Government aided or private teaching institution.In order to a get an elementary school teacher job it is mandatory to have this certification,especiually if the institution is regulated under the 7th pay commission.

You can also get a job in :

  • Playschools
  • Kindergarten
  • Private/Public and Municipal elementary schools
  • Teaching assistant

An Elementary school teacher is dealing with young children and requires lots of patience,caring and understating. It is not for everyone and only if you feel you will be able to handle difficult kids then go in for this profession.









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