Direct second year engineering admission diploma


Direct second year engineering admission Diploma  – Also known as lateral entry.In the start of S.E, there will allot of new students that wish to transition from Diploma engineering to Degree. This is after the student has finished the stipulated 3 year diploma course from an AICTE / MSBTE recognized institute including some of the top colleges affiliated to Mumbai university.


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The reason for continuing technology/engineering course in degree is because the diploma by itself is sometimes not good enough to get a high paying job,as the diploma does not dive deep enough into the particular engineering stream.

To get direct second year engineering admission into a degree college ,you need to do either a diploma after 10th,12th or a Bsc. This direct second year engineering admission has to be regulated by the CAP rounds based on merit.

There is the reservation for SC/ST candidates as well as women candidates/disabled candidates.


There are two major rules laid down by the DTE for diploma to degree  students.

1.You need to score atleast 50% in your diploma course with minimum 50% marks,which is lowered to 45% for sc/st.

2.The college or polytechnic that  you passed out from should have teaching medium of english and should be affiliated to AICTE or MSBTE.

For a full set of rules for minimum eligibility into degree engineering course click here

Direct second year engineering admission – Diploma to Degree Preferences

The below tables can guide the students as to which degree course they will get preference to apply to, and in which they will get maximum chance to get admission into.The main group and sub group are most likely for which preference will be given.


Diploma Degree
Chemical Engineering
Sub group A
Chemical engineering Chemical Engineering
Chemical technology Chemical technology
Petro chemical Engineering Petro chemical Engineering
Technical and analytical chemistry Technical and analytical chemistry
Paper and Pulp Technology
Sub group B
Plastic engineering Polymer Engineering
Polymer and plastic engineering Polymer Technology
Plastic Technology B.Tech,Plastic/ Ploymer engineering
Rubber Technology Plastic Technology
Sub Group C
Sugar Technology Sugar Technology
Sub Group D
Food Technology Food technology
Sub group E
Surface and Coating Technology Oil and Paint technology
Oil and Paint Technology Oil Technology
Paints Technology
Fats and Wax Technology
Surface Coating technology


Civil Engineering
Civil and Rural Engineering Civil Engineering
Civil and Sanitary Engineering Construction Engineering
Civil Engineering  Civil and water management
Construction Technology  Enviromental Engineering
Enviromental Technology  Btech civil engineering
Structural engineering


Computer, Electronics, Electrical,Instrumentation, Biomedical
Sub group A
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
Computer Technology Computer Technology
Information Technology Computer Science and Engineering
Information Technology
Btech computer science and engineering
Sub Group B
digital electronics Electronics and communication engineering
Electronics and Comm. Technology Industrial electronics engineering
Electronics and video engineering Electronics engineering
Sound and television engineering Electronics Product design technology
Electronics and Tele. engineering Power electronics
Industrial Electronics Electronics and telecomm engineering
Electronics and radio engineering Btech electronics and Tele comm. engineering
Elecronics Engineering
Eletronics and production maintaince
Medical electronics Bio Medical engineering
Sub Group D
Electrical engineering Electrical engineering
Electrical Power systems Electrical Engineering (Electrical and power)
Electronics and power engineering
Power engineering
Sub group E
Instrumentation Instrumention engineering
Instrumentation and control B.Tech Instrumentation and control engineering



Mechanical Engineering
Sub Group A
Automobile engineering Automobile engineering
Fabrication Technology Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering (sandiwich pattern)
Fabrication Technology and ErectionEngineering B.Tech Mechanical engineering
Aeronautical engineering
Sub group B
Machine Tool and maintenance Indutrial engineering
Plant Engineering Production engineering
Production Technology Production Technology
Production Engineering Production engineering(sandiwich pattern)
ADvance diploma in tool and die making Btech Production Engineering
Packaging Technology
Metallurgy (Foundry Technology) Metallurgical Engineering


Documents Needed For CAP Rounds

1.Marksheet of 10th passing exam/SSC/ICSE/CBSE

2.Marksheet of Dilpmoa final year exam

3.Leaving certificate from institution last attended

4.Domicile certificate/Passport/Birth Certificate

5.Caste Certificate (if necessary)

CAP Rounds  Procedure and Intake

Admission rounds starts with te diploma student buying the brochure and kit for Rs.500 which has to be paid at the ARC (Application Receipt centre). this kit will have an ID, password and fees receipt which is stamped and has to be produced later on.

With the Id and passwrod, the student can now login to the DTE website and fill in the online application form with various personal details after which he/she can submit it online.

Next you have to go in person to the nearest ARC to confrim the online submitted form along with all the documents that are needed. Here the ARC officer will give you a copy of submission acknowledgement.

The merit list for diploma and Bsc students will now be put up on the website to be viewed by all students. Here you can see the number of seats available for the CAP (common admission process) rounds.

For CAP 1 round, the online options form has to be filled, which has 100 options of various colleges. In order of preference,they have to be filled up.This is followed by confirming the form online.There also is the first 3 options on top, which are important for CAP round 1.If by chance you secure a seat in any of the colleges you wrote as options 1,2 or 3 , you have to take admission, or your name will be deleted from the merit list henceforth.

For CAP 2 round, people who haven’t got a satisfactory seat of their choice can again follow same procedure of filling the form online,submitting it and confirming it.A merit list will be prepared for the remaining seats and displayed.You need to again fill in utmost 100 options, which you can contest for.

If you have been allotted a seat of your choice, you have to go to that college/institute along with documents and pay the fees, if not you can go on for CAP round 3.

For CAP round 3, you need to pay Rs.100 fee as well as a DD of Rs.15000 along with you. This round takes place at a venue in Maharashtra, and you have to travel to that venue and take admission immediately as per the seats available and provided to you.

How to Fill online option form for CAP rounds

Filling up the options form correctly  is extremely important, as it can give you a choice of your institute, or in other cases, give you a college or course you dont want. Firstly start off by logging into the DTE web portal here. Login and password can now be filled in.You are presented with the screen below. It gives you a list of course groups which you can appropriately tick according to the courses/faculty you want.

Direct second year engineering admission













At the end of the page you can choose the type of university you want, autonomous, government or minority.Be general and liberal with your choice selection, the narrower you select, the narrower your chances of admission to a top college.

Direct second year engineering admission











After saving and proceeding to the next page, you have to make your choice list of upto 100 colleges/institutes by checking the boxes next to them. minimum of 1 and maximum of 100 options .


Direct second year engineering admission










Once you have made your selection of colleges, on the next page, you can arrange the colleges as per preference by toggling the up and down arrows.


Direct second year engineering admission











Once at the end of the page, you need to enter your password again to confirm your selection.


Direct second year engineering admission






Almost done now, you need to take out a printout of your options form when you come to the print page.














For a more detailed version of options form filling you can check out the video below.



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