Furtados school of music review FSM

Furtados school of music review FSM – Owned by Furtados music store in Mumbai of the Gomes family, the wife of one of the brothers who is also the CEO – Tanuja Gomes.She happens to be an ex banker of a multi national bank in south east asia.This school of music is something new in India that is still in its nascent stage as far as music,where it is starting to be called an education and not a hobby.

I did all my piano grades from Trinity college of Music London but this new school of music follows  their own syllabus and two curriculum’s called as :

IPC – International Performers Curriculum – Where you learn instruments like Piano,Keyboard,Guitar,Drums

IMC – International Music Curriculum – This focuses on Music Theory, Composition, performance skills, history, vocals and choral singing

Furtados school of music review FSM

Furtados school of music review FSM

How good is FSM?

First thing everyone needs to know is that Furtados – the music shop in South Mumbai –  is that they are the sole agents for Trinity college examinations in the country.They handle all the exam preparations as well as the supplying the instruments for exams and selling the books and merchandise for the exams.

FSM also has its own examinations that take place every September but  FSM also does prepare you to a level so that you can apply to Trinity College of music or Royal Schools (ABRSM) through them –  but how do they get the students?

Simple,they have tied up with rich schools all over metro cities all over India, and by rich schools meaning the IB Board International Schools that also have lots of consulate children and other kids of businessmen that would be interested in joining these courses.Besides the IB schools they are also tied up with some Convent schools and others also.

After school hours in the same premises of the school,these classes are held for the students in groups.

Furtados school of music review FSM


One of the main advantages that a private music class is that you get undivided attention of the music teacher.Either you go their home – as i have always done,or some new younger teachers will visit your home nowadays.Either way,learning of instruments is hard,its not like reading from a book,it requires lots of guidance and attention from a teacher sitting next to you continuously for 45 minutes.The technical training is difficult and needs supervision in early stages else later it is hard to rectify.

I like the concept of FSM,it is taking music education directly to the schools and forcing into their curriculum.It is more than just a hobby now,but im not in favor of group tuition where music is concerned.I dont know if they also have private sessions,but i doubt it.



Furtados school of music fees

One of my close friends is a teacher in the Furtados High – that is an online app based teaching solution.More on that in my next post, but he tells me that depending on your school,your level of music education,location.You will be charged anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 more or less for the year.

This is significantly lesser than private music teachers that charge about 2500-3000 per month.So FSM is almost half the amount you would normally pay for home tuitions. Whereas if the teacher comes to your house they will charge you atleast 4000 minimum per month for 4 classes.

Also FSM provide you with instruments to practice and play on,including good deals on books and other material.

+ Check full fees structure for Trinity college exams

Schools affiliated with FSM

1.BSM School

2.Vyasa Interntional

3.PICT School

4.Bombay Scottish


6.DPS Bangalore East

7.DPS Whitefield Bangalore

8.Modern School Barakhamba

9.Khar center

10.Meridan School

11.United International School

12.Vidyanjali Bngalore

13.Geetanjali Bangalore

14.GIIS Noida

15.Hiranandani Foundation School Thane

16.N L Dalmia school


Music buddy app

FSM uses a new age app called music buddy to check progress of a student and he/she can check whether what is played is correct or wrong after getting recorded.These results can be then forwarded to the teacher.It is an automated process and is quite efficient.Many will argue that the old ways are better in many aspects.


Conclusion– I like what FSM is doing for music education in our country.It is a new venture so with time i’m sure it will fine tune its act.For small kids in school,this is a good place to start as there is a good balance with music and technology.For higher grades and diploma levels- old school private tuition is better.


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