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Hair wash tips at home – All of us have at some point of time gone to the parlor and had that amazing hair wash, blow dry and a quick hair style. We felt like goddesses after that, fresh, sweet smelling and looking like a million bucks. Now just think of what we could replicate that same formula at home. The only difference is that we will try and use less chemical based liquids in our home hair wash. In the parlor, those talented dressers use all the tricks in the book to make your mop look shiny and chrome. Here are some hair wash tips at home that you can use and look just as nice.

+ Natural methods of hair care at home

Hair wash tips at home

Preparation for hair wash tips at home

1.Water Temperature: This is of great importance and before starting out the washing of your hair, it is of utmost importance that you check the temperature of the water. Not too hot is the key. The damage hot water can cause on your scalp and hair pores will result in hair fall and dry hair. Luke warm is just fine. At first you need to start off with warm water and after applying the shampoo and conditioner, it needs to be washed off with colder water.

2.Shampoo and Conditioner : A good recommendation is to use a mild conditioner and let it rest in the wet hair for 5- minutes, before the next shampoo can be applied and finally washed off with cold water. Shampoo with fruit extracts and oil is always the preferred choice.

3.Rinsing and soaking – The first step involves the gentle rinse of the hair under a warm stream of water after which the conditioner can be applied.Before washing off the conditioner, remember to let it soak in for at least 5- 6 minutes so that the hair can “acclimatize” to the conditioning environment and give you the best results.

4.Knot release – This is especially important if you are at the receiving end of hair fall and hair breakage. Tangled messy hair is a pain and needs to be slowly unwound before you let the warm shower down on it.It is easier to release those knots when the hair is dry rather than when its wet. This can cause further breakage otherwise.

5.No forced rubbing – After applying the conditioner and the shampoo, you need to lather it up a little bit, but its important not to go too much to the pores. Remember- you are shampooing your hair, not the pores or roots. Even though many commercials tell us that certain shampoos go into the pore of the follicle on the scalp and strengthens it from the inside, it is wiser to rub it lightly on just the locks. The harder you scrub, the worse it can be. So love your hair and fluff it up just a little bit.

After hair wash tips 

After you are done with your hair wash, what is the next step? Read on –

Hair wash tips at home






1.Drying– Don’t reach too fast for that blow dryer. First, pat it dry with a towel, and do not pull it in a downward motion. Either dab it dry or else massage in a circular motion slowly. After this, you can set your blow dryer to low heat power and keep it at least a foot away from the hair. Do not let it anywhere close to your scalp, just the hair.An added recommendation is to stand close to a source of natural air like a window, so that you get that fresh air aids in drying your hair, and since it is not hot it serves the purpose better.

2.Combing– Don’t ever comb your wet hair, yes you heard that  a thousand times before, it is the cardinal rule. Hair breakage happens the most with wet hair, because after washing the hair tends to be softer ad more delicate, also the pores on the scalp have till not closed up fully, and are more susceptible to breakage and hair fall.

3.Choose your comb– It is imperative that your after wash comb better bigger and the teeth are spaced further apart. Like i mentioned before, hair is most susceptible to falling when its just been washed. Keeping that in mind,a wide spaced tooth comb will allow more hair to pass through and will reduce the pull on the strands

Reason for  daily hair wash tips at home 

If you live in a big city where dirt, oil and pollution is part of the air you breathe, that could cause havoc to your hair and scalp as well.Putting chemicals into your hair everyday is not at all advised,but a gentle warm and cold water hair wash to rinse away the tiny debris is always necessary.


hair wash tips for dry hair

Dry hair needs  little more care and precaution while being washed as it is more brittle,sensitive and prone to damage.

1.No Blow – We do not want to further the cause, and use more heat whilst blow drying after  hair wash. A towel can be wrapped around the hair after which it can be pat dried.

Hair care tips at home naturally










2.Oils-You need to apply a good moisturizing oil to your dry hair once in 10 days after a hair wash.It needs to be kept on for a few hours, then washed off again.This gives vitality and improves the texture of the hair while keeping it moist.

3.Ingest Liquids – Drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep your body cool, the more it heats up, the more it absorbs from your body and lesser goes to root tips.Hair follicles are like plants, though they do not need water to grow, but healthy hair requires a cool, un sweaty scalp for growth.

Hair wash tips at home









4. Sun Rays – The powerful ray of the sun is not only harmful to your skin, what about the skin on your head? have you ever thought about that?we put sun screen lotion on our bodies, but not on our head. It is imperative to cover up with a hat when under the blistering summer sun. This can dry out the scalp and causing flaking.


hair wash with beer

As mentioned in a previous post about yellows and whites, beer has some great nourishing properties and can be beneficial to the hair and give a nice shine. Keep the beer in an a large open bowl for a few hours. Make sure all the foam has dissipated and there is more yellow than white. After this you can soak your hair in this tub/bowl for a few minutes and later gently rinse it off with a sweet smelling shampoo, because beer has a powerful strong smell that is difficult to get rid off.



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