Hosting Plans Comparison

Hosting Plans Comparison – After searching for the best deals on web hosting across the web, ive narrowed the search down to the following 9 hosting providers. This is based primarily on the most viable package deals. Other factors that should be considered are uptime of servers and amount of bandwidth allotted because that’s of utmost importance as traffic increase on the website.Note that these are all for linux hosting plans and for 1 year.


1 year minimum

100mb.1gb 99/month

500mb.5gb 169/month

5gb,50gb 189/month Unlimited,

unlimited 249/month


3month minimum

10gb,unlimited 99/month

150gb,unlimited 495/month

Unlimited,unlimited 742/month


1 year minimum 1gb,10gb 92/month

100gb,1000gb 153/month


Un,un 1domain 50/month

Un,un 5domains150/month

Un,un 20 domains 250/month

Un,un unlimited domains 400/month


5gb,50gb 113/month

Un,un 189/month

Un,un 10 domains 284/month

Un,un unlimited domains 474/month


Un,un 1domina 499 6 months

Un,un 1domain 799 1year

Un,un 1 domain 1499 2 years


Un,un 999 1 yr

1799 2 yrs 2399 3 yrs


Un,un 100/month


Un,un 1 domain 50/month

Un,un 5 domains 200/month

Un,un unlimted domains 350/month


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