How long to learn the piano


How long to learn the piano – The piano is one of the most entertaining and fun instruments to get your hands on.In order to learn the piano,it takes years of dedicated practice to get yourself to sound good.Most students begin their music education before they are 10 years old,but for others if they are late beginners its also an advantage from the theoretical point of view,as you have a clearer understanding  of notations,key signs and latin words,but  the practical aspect and technical finger work would be rigid,so it would take more  exercises to loosen up that fingers,so playing a fast piece wouldn’t be a problem.A large part of how long to learn the piano will depend on your musical ability and natural skill too.

One way to judge the progression of a student would be by giving grade examinations at your local city,which are conducted on  a yearly basis by trinity-guildhall,royal schools etc.These run though 8  grades and 3-4 diploma and performance level grades after.So even if you get past one grade level a year and the subsequent 3 diploma levels,that accounts for 11 years till you can learn the piano sufficiently well,and are a  music professional,of course the diploma level tests are challenging and may easily take 2-3 years for each.If your instructor feels you are confident and a fast learner,and can get many hours of practice in a day,you could even skip a few grade levels in the middle,as there is no compulsion to go in any specific order.

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