How to clear engineering viva

How to clear engineering viva – Following a few tips here will give you more insight on how to clear engineering viva.From SEM 3 on wards there will be a viva voce or oral examination in Engineering course, for at least 4 out of 6 subjects in the semester, except for maths.This is a one on one question session between an external examiner and yourself.The reason for its extreme importance is that if you fail in it, then the ATKT has the same value as that of any other theory subject.I know many friends who got a drop because of a viva KT.

How to clear engineering viva

In the 15 minutes that you are asked 4-5 questions, you should at least get 2 right and say something for the rest of the questions if you have any intention of passing. Its not so difficult to pass, but if you sit without answering, you could be failed. As far as FE is concerned, some subject teachers conduct vivas, but these are more like mock vivas, and at most, those marks can go towards your term work, it can no way influence your passing or failing.

The main objective of a viva is to test the student on practical concepts and understanding.In theory papers most of us learn by heart or “do ratta”. In order to circumvent this, the viva examiner will try and ask simple questions that will test your most basic “fundas” about a subject. For example- what is the difference between an impedance and resistance?, is the electricity in your house ac or dc ?etc.

how to pass engineering viva

 Few essential tips to pass a viva

1.I would like to start with a basic tip that many people do not pay attention to. No hard and fast rule about this, but  noticed that most people who failed in viva wore jeans, t shirts and casual clothes.

I was once a victim to this too until i got this tip from my close friend who usually wore jeans and casual tops, but suddenly started appearing in salwar khameez and indian suits during the vivas. She never failed a viva. I tried to experiment and even though i hated full sleeve formal shirts and pants, i wore it.

There are few reasons behind this attire advantage. The examiner thinks that students who wear casual clothes and jeans are not sincere, and are therefore not giving enough importance to this viva examination by coming casually dressed. In their mind, the attire reflects the personality and outlook of the student. Also from the students perspective it is disrespectful in a small way not to be neatly dressed when you are appearing in front of an external examiner.

2.If you are one of the last roll numbers to go for the viva, its advantageous because the examiner is tired and has exhausted all his questions. The first few roll numbers take the longest time and are grilled the most. By the time it reaches towards the end, most of the questions are known to everyone, and your examination also will finish much faster.

3. Sometimes vivas are taken 2 student at a time in order to finish fast. Its important to try and give a better answer than your partner, talk more than him and make him look stupid and dumb. The examiner wont fail both, that is for sure, but will fail the one who talks less.

4.It must be remembered that in your quest to talk more, dont talk rubbish, because there is nothing more that will anger the external than someone trying to be over-smart and someone that will try and try to fool the examiner by giving vague answers. Sometimes its better to say “i dont know”, than make up some story just to show that you know something.

5.As far as what to study is concerned, you need to learn all the theory behind all lab experiments and practicals. Since there are few practical exams, the viva covers it up. All practical experiment circuit diagrams, wave forms and generally why we do this experiment and what is the final outcome.From the textbook learn everything that will never come in a theory paper-  fundamentals like what is digital circuit, what is a circuit breaker etc.

6. If the examiner shouts at you and throws you out because you didn’t answer anything, does not always mean you have failed. I know people who went for viva and did not speak even one word, because they did not even know one word, but they were honest, they did not open their mouth and talk nonsense. sometimes being honest is good. Even though the examiner yelled and told them get out, he still passed them.


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  1. Jenny April 24, 2017 at 10:43 am #

    can a practical KT be cleared be cleared by scoring 50% + in external exam

  2. shalini November 9, 2014 at 3:00 pm #

    Thankyou so much! The article was extremely helpful. I am a FE and going for my first official engineering viva in 2 days.

    • jojo22 November 15, 2014 at 8:11 pm #

      best of luck shalini

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