How to Identify an Engineering Student


How to Identify an Engineering Student – Ill admit this isn’t an original piece of work,but was posted on a social network.I thought it was hilariously true.

How to Identify an Engineering Student?


Someone who:

1.At the beginning of the semester thinks “this time ill start studying right from the start”.

2.Who Thinks “i shouldve taken Commerce in 12th”

3.Spends 3 hours in Drawing class (ED) only to draw a square and a circle

4.Thinks the easiest way to get assignments and files checked is by learning  the teachers signature.

5.Who applies new concepts and new theories while answering questions in VIVA in such a manner that would make Einstein commit suicide

6.Who carries things that look like a machine gun and  aBazooka in first year of college,and gets strange looks from people..and then has to tell them “its my Paper Roll and Drafter,i use it in college”.

7.Who Judges performance in exams by the number of sheets  left blank.

8.Who asks his/her friend ” youll pass?” and is relieved and relaxed to hear “no”.

9.Who gets to know of projects and assignments on the last date always

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