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IIPM REVIEW Question- Who has heard of Arindam Chaudhuri? isn’t he the pony tailed guy who is doing books, Bollywood and a b school? I was almost going to say hes as multifaceted as me. But then we know that his father started IIPM way back in the 1970s, on the same lines as the IIMs. Dr.Chaudhuri himself being teaching faculty for IIM and XLRI. There has been some rather odd and disturbing media coverage over the credentials of IIPM. Ever since Arindams been part of operations, the institute has seen some huge exposure mainly in print ads, of which many say is an “unethical” means of portraying an educational center. They say, there are some professions that find it morally unjust to advertise, like other fields of medicine, law, education etc. But ours is an unbiased IIPM review on the b-school. The decision is yours.

IIPM admission procedure / Selection process

IIPM has two course commencement sessions- May and  August and two programs offered.1.National Economic Planning & Entrepreneurship equivalent to an MBA which is a post graduate course, it is available as a full time course as well as an integrated course for working people

2. BBA which is the undergraduate course done after 12th standard or 10+2.

Both of which do not require any minimum percentage to apply,however the NEPE course requires the candidates to pass an entrance exam similar to CAT. Application forms for these can be availed at the 7 centers free of cost.Once you fill and send the forms you will receive an admit card by post giving details of examination center and timing.The entrance exam is divided into 3 stages written exam, group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI).

IIPM fee structure

IIPM requires to pay a small fraction of the fee as a down payment when you secure admission. This is in the range of 30K-40K. The total fees amount to 8-10 lacs for the course that includes free trips abroad, laptop and other freebies. this is a little on the high side for an institute that gives you a degree from a third party university.

IIPM prospectus Download –click here

IIPM Review – Placements

The subject of placements has come under a lot of speculation because on the website prospectus, it lists about 200 companies that have offered campus placements.After talking to a few ex IIPM graduates, they tell us that just a  handful of those companies actually hired from IIPM. They also said that some of the companies even asked that their name be removed from the website.Such is also the case with some European and American institutions that asked IIPM to remove their name from the website as they were not really associated with them. This has created quite a stir and given IIPM a lot of disrepute. Several Media reports have spoken negatively  about the placements too. Some ex students went on to say that their classmates were employed in low sales and clerical jobs and the IIPM certificate had no value In the real world whatsoever.

On the other hand there are a few pass out student who say that education and the course at IIPM is even better than the IIMs. Even the prospectus showcases many profiles of previous graduates that are now well settled in managerial positions all over the globe. On the whole, the word on the street is that there are more unhappy placed students than happy ones.

iipm review

IIPM Review – Drawbacks 

Over the last few years, many students have been disappointed with the placements that IIPM has provided. Few have even taken the institution to court over various issues and got their tuition fees refunded. The main problem being that IIPM is no way affiliated with any education board, or in other words is not recognized by the UGC or AITCE ,the two premier education governing bodies in the country. In other words, all that IIPM offers can be called is a certification course, not a degree or diploma. This can be  almost worthless when going out in the real world and getting a job, and that is the reason there are so many unhappy IIPM graduates.

Many fraud cases have been slapped against IIPM for this reason. Another drawback or claim from some angry students seems to be that most of the professors that lecture at the institutes are not experienced enough and are IIPM pass out students themselves.

One of the biggest complaints of IIPM students is the exorbitant fees that is charged to them. They say that there is no just reason for charging such high amounts which is in the range of 8 to 10 lacs. Of course this includes some freebies like two tours abroad, laptop and other trips and stationary. For this amount of money its said that it would be a wiser choice to do the MBA from an institution abroad.

After all this bad talk, there are a few things that I love about IIPM

-Its probably the only managerial institute in the country to match the standards and infrastructure of the IIMs. You have to hand it to them, starting a fleet of colleges all over the country is no joke. If there is anything you can learn about business administration- learn from the man who started this enterprise- Dr.chaudhuri and learn from his son, who has branded his image as the front of his empire. His Tom Cruise smile is on  every page 3 of every newspaper and every webpage on the net, that is marketing for you. Doing MBA is not learning stuff by heart from a book, its what you do with knowledge, how you use that gyan to try and make a millionaire of yourself.

IIPM good or bad ?

As a bottom line,I suggest that you don’t go by media reports and online forums that degrade IIPM, instead talk to ex students first hand, either on social networks or alumni associations. Before you make you decision, have some first hand knowledge, that’s all i am saying, because in the end a degree or a certificate is only a piece of paper in the real world,it might help you  up to a small extent but important thing is what you do with that knowledge and how you apply it to real life money managing situations. Believe me, you could even pass out from IIM and never earn a lac a month, its about how well you excel with those money making fundas.

According to me,those students who are sour, are only angry because they didn’t land some plum jobs and blame IIPM for it, what they don’t realize is that an MBA can only show you the way, you have to be shrewd, smart and cunning to move up in the corporate ladder, and that no IIM or IIPM can ever teach you.


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