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IIT JEE tips – These are unconventional ways of reaching the top.Dont ask how or why.IIT JEE is not your average entrance exam, -its the mother of them all.The way the JEE questions are framed is to make you think,analyze and visualise the answer.No amount of mugging or learning by heart can get you through JEE. It is designed that way,so that only 1 in 125 people have that ability to crack it.This is a skill you have to learn.Here are 7 waysto get started with these unconventional iit jee tips

 1.Watch Star Trek and Star Wars

Even if you hate sci fi,or aliens or anything to do with space. Chances are, you may not even understand most of the made up techno babble that goes through most part of each episode. But there is one thing that u SHOULD understand, Trek was made by smart people, for smart people. After watching a series of them,it will change your perception of the world, probably dissuade you from believing in the concept of a god, and enlighten you beyond belief. As far back as 1987, Captain Picard used a gadget in the next generation series that is now called the Ipad, and im pretty sure in less than 100 years well have our own warp engine that will help us break the light barrier. So why not jump onto the bandwagon and see what 100 million other trekkies are so obsessed about. Star wars on the other hand is pure fiction-fantasy. Its one mans vision and creativity that has made it a cult phenomenon, be part of that fantastic dream.

 2.Use the Internet for atleast 2 hours a day

The internet is the single most source of knowledge,information and dreams on the planet. Nothing has ever revolutionized the way media has propagated to 6 billion inhabitants of the world better than the net has. Using it for a few hours a day will only increase your bank of ideas, enlighten you and broaden your views. Read blogs around the world to see other peoples insights on a particular topic. Remember, the people who now control the biggest websites and inturn rule the internet were never born rich, but they all had one thing in common-they are all extremely smart talented people, many of them are phds from Harvard and Stanford. Enough said

3.Open up your pc

This might scare a few people, thinking that they might screw something up in there and then have to spend money on getting it fixed, and then curse themselves why they had to try and smart and open up their machine. Firstly, opening up your tower and peeking inside is no harder than opening your fridge. But here is what you will learn, here is what you’ll see. The greatest electronic marvels that have taken thousands of people, biliions of dollars and millions of man-hours to develop over a period of 50 years, were all in your bedroom and you never even bothered to check it out. Look at and appreciate all your motherboard components, try and identify your processor, ram, battery,pins,connectors,the details, all the colored cables,see what makes it tick. What you have in front of you is the future of our civilization, putting it aside just because it seems uninteresting will only make a you an ignorant fool.

 4.FAIL at a school/college atleast once

In 2002,I had failed my first year of engineering, It was the hardest and toughest thing I had ever done. The math was of a VERY high level and my re-examination was ina few weeks. Even after solving 70 calculus problems a day, I still couldn’t understand most of the principles .Everything just seem to bounce over my head and it was driving me crazy. I was frustrated and angry at failing my very first year. I sat at the table gazing at my books. On the cover of one of them books was a picture of a balloon hovering just above the ground, and a quote below that read “success is-how high you bounce back after you hit rock bottom.” It was then that I understood what that meant, and what all my other friends who never had this experience of failing and learning, of reaching the ground. This is something that NO A-GRADER will ever have the pleasure of feeling and experiencing. It reminded me of neo from the matrix, when he dies and comes back to life even stronger. Hadnt I ever failed,I wouldn’t be half the person I am today,I would have never learnt anything,and I know I would have never succeeded at anything, because I never would have made any mistakes.This turn of events changed me.I cleared 6 of 8 pending papers in one sitting that semester.

5.Work at anything for atleast 10 hours day

I belive that if you work towards something diligently and with real passion you often end up being a master at it.but I mean real hard work and sweat,work till hate it,till you loathe it, only then will wou excel at it.Doing 10 hours a day of something you love wont seem so tiring.Try and excel at atleast one thing. It maybe pingpong or cooking, doesn’t matter,it’s the perseverance,that never say die attitude that needs to be inculcated into your system, and a rigourous practice achieved on a daily scale.IT should be in your dreams at night or during vacant thought, it should consume you wholly, possess you. You should be your dream.

 6.Learn to love Math

Most people hate math, that is because the concept of numbers is harder to fathom compared to words or pictures. You have to think and use your head. Most people don’t like to use their brain resources, they want things that are simple and quick. Numbers are the only logical units in our universe. They are the only things that can have a predefined finite or infinte value, a yes or a no, a high or a nigh.1 +1 will always be 2 ,it can never be anything else. Learning math will make you so logical. It will make you see things in a different way, you wont be an ordinary person anymore. Geometry and trigonometry will help you visualize the world around you in a different light. Algebra and Discreet math will make your reasoning and argumentative skills sharper and stronger, and well..Calculus, will make you invincible.

 7.Solve Sudoku

Sudoku incrases your memory three fold,and makes you think,visualize,plan and implement all at the same time.the feeling of accomplishment you get when you fully solve a sudoku puzzle is unparalled, and the amount of thought that goes into getting each digit in its preset cell is immense, so solve sudoku to keep your mind fresh and sharp.


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