The electronic extravaganza at the hongkong fair that starts on the 12th of april every year is the biggest and the most well organized, of its kind.well over a few  hundered thousand visitors flock the virtual city tent over  3 days.Its hosted by global sources,and is showcased in 6 other metropolitan cities around the globe, but the exhibition at hongkong is the original,as it also hosts the india sourcing  fair hong kong ,that brings together some of indias most skillful handicrafts exporters,this is what makes the hongkong fair the most famous of the lot, as most of the exhibitors are based  the fujian province ,and neighbouring shenzen,its one of  the best places to be ,and its something you  dont want to miss. Here’s why;

1.Its Hongkong!!

One of the most high tech cities in the world,with a blend of diverse Chinese and western cultures,its also the richest business centre in asia,with its per capita wealth exceeding more than some of chinas’s biggest cities. Even shenzen, the electronic s major trading hub on the east coast of china, that is said to be the palo alto of the east, comes short of its richer cousin.(Shenzen is just a 20 minute  train ride away from HK).Besides going for the fair, Hongkong is a great place  to visit, some portions of it are as eastern orthodox  as it gets,and the other is like an asian  wall street. After the fair you still have a few days to check out the majestic waterways,and the incredible way of life.It wuld surely be your most  fun business trip.

2.First hand technology

From concept circuit boards to the newest consumer electronics,new product launches are the most interesting features of the hongkong fair.Its only in places like this that you actually get to be in the company of greatest, the biggest tech majors,boldest retail names and traders all unders one roof.You will never in your life come across such diverse consumer products,each of which have  a few hundred exhibitors. This is the gran turismo of tech heaven,its where you get ideas,get contacts,and get ready  for the unveiling of some of the snazziest contraptions that the rest of the unfortunate world will have to wait a few months to get their hands on.


The hongkong fair,is targeted to the trade.Its for people in the profession, but many avid enthusiasts can also register.they probably only wont get the added beneifits that folks from the industry  get, like,discounts on air tickets,hotel rooms,shuttle services to name a few. Global sources does not encourage sample buyers,but lucky for us,most of the booth/stall attendants do! It’s a great way for them  to populate their new products.Even the samples are sold dirt cheap.You could probably get a good high performance core processor based  laptop for under $200.Ill go further and add that there are many people who actually make cheap purchases,and then sell the goods back home for  a neat profit.others pick up samples to take back to their company managers,so that they can then give an OEM or trade order.Even if that not your thing,and if you have a n extra $ 1000 and 2 weeks to spare,Honkong-it should be .

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