IPS full form


IPS full form – Full form of IPS is Indian Police Service.It is a government service that trains the best and most qualified and skilled police officers in the country.These officers are directly given top level positions in government agencies like CID,CBI,NSG etc.The ranks of these senior officers start from Additional superintendent of Police right upto Director General of Police – DGP.


How to apply for IPS officer position?

If you want to become part of the elite IPS batch which inducts only about 150 members every year,you need to get a good rank in the UPSC exams.The UPSC also is a pathway for recruitment into other government services like IAS,IFS and others.Once you are selected to be an IPS officer you need to also go through the physical training and clear that stage.After the formal training is complete,you will be placed at a region anywhere in India at a high post of atleast Assistant Superintendent,where police officers much older than you will be serving under you.

Note that many police officers also get these promotions based on merit and seniority,BUT if you are an IPS officer it is a shortcut to these high posts.For example a Police officer who has served with the force for 15 years and you being a fresh IPS graduate will both be in contention for the same position.

IPS full form
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As far as merit concerned,these posts are awarded to persons who have achieved good standing within the country,like cricketer Harbhajan singh.He was offered the post of DSP or Deputy superintendent of Police of Punjab,he did not take up the role bt he was given it becuse of is good skills on and off the pitch.


Police force level hierarchy Class 2 gazetted officer  and class 3 non gazetted



3.Head Constable

4.Assistant Police Sub Inspector

5.Police Sub Inspector

6.Assistant Police Inspector

7.Police Inspector


CLASS 1 gazetted Officer

1.SP – Superintendent of Police

2.DIG – Deputy Inspector General

3.IG – Inspector General

4.ADG – Assistant Director General

5.DG – Director General














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