List of Arts-Science Colleges in Jharkhand


List of  Arts-Science Colleges in Jharkhand

Arts-Science Colleges in Jharkhand – (97) found

College Name District State
A B M College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Adarash College GIRIDIH Jharkhand
Aditya Narayan College DUMKA Jharkhand
Amaryuti Satsang College DEOGHAR Jharkhand
Anand College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
B N Jalan College GUMLA Jharkhand
B S College Lohardaga LOHARDAGA Jharkhand
B S K College DHANBAD Jharkhand
B V Parikh Janta College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Baghmara College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Baharagora College PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Binod Bihari Mahato College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Birsa College RANCHI Jharkhand
Bokaro Mahila College BOKARO Jharkhand
Bokaro Steel City College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Chas College CHATRA Jharkhand
Chatra College RANCHI Jharkhand
Chotanagpur College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
Deoghar College DEOGHAR Jharkhand
Doranda College RANCHI Jharkhand
Dr Jagannath Mishra College DEOGHAR Jharkhand
G L A College Jharkhand PALAMU Jharkhand
Ghatshila College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Giridih College GIRIDIH Jharkhand
Godda College GODDA Jharkhand
Gooda College GODDA Jharkhand
Gossner College RANCHI Jharkhand
Guru Nanak College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Gyan Chand Jain Commerce College PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi RANCHI Jharkhand
Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums, Ranchi RANCHI Jharkhand
J J College Jharkhand HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
J K S College Mango PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
J L N College Jharkhand PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
J M College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
J N College Jharkhand RANCHI Jharkhand
Jamshedpur Co Operative College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Jamshedpur Women’S College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Jamshedpur Workers College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Jamtara College DUMKA Jharkhand
Janta Shivratri College PALAMU Jharkhand
Jhabbu Singh Memorial College BOKARO Jharkhand
Jharkhand College GIRIDIH Jharkhand
Jodh Singh Namdhari Mahila College PALAMU Jharkhand
Jubilee College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
K B College BOKARO Jharkhand
K B Women’S College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
K K M College Jharkhand SAHIBGANJ Jharkhand
K O College GUMLA Jharkhand
K S G M College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Karamchand Bhagat College RANCHI Jharkhand
Kashi Shahu College PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
L B S Memorial College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Langta Baba College GIRIDIH Jharkhand
Madhupur College DEOGHAR Jharkhand
Mahila College Jharkhanad PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Mahila Mahavidyalaya GODDA Jharkhand
Mandar College RANCHI Jharkhand
Markham College Commerce HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
Marwari College Ranchi RANCHI Jharkhand
Maulana Azad College RANCHI Jharkhand
Maulana Azad College Ranchi RANCHI Jharkhand
Mayurakshi Gramin College DUMKA Jharkhand
Nirmala College Jharkhand RANCHI Jharkhand
P K Roy Memorial College DHANBAD Jharkhand
P P K College RANCHI Jharkhand
P V A Ekka M College GUMLA Jharkhand
Patratu Thermal Power Station College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
R K Mahila College GIRIDIH Jharkhand
R S More College DHANBAD Jharkhand
R S P College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Rajganj Degree College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Ram Vijay Smarak College BOKARO Jharkhand
Ramgarh College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
Ranchi College RANCHI Jharkhand
Ranchi Women’S College RANCHI Jharkhand
S K Bage College SIMDEGA Jharkhand
S P Mahila College DUMKA Jharkhand
S S J S Namdhari College GARHWA Jharkhand
S S L N T Mahila College DHANBAD Jharkhand
S S Memorial College RANCHI Jharkhand
Sahibganj College SAHIBGANJ Jharkhand
Sanjay Gandhi Memorial College RANCHI Jharkhand
Santhal Pargana College DUMKA Jharkhand
Silli College RANCHI Jharkhand
Simdega College GUMLA Jharkhand
Sindri College DHANBAD Jharkhand
Singhbhum College PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
St Columbas’ College HAZARIBAG Jharkhand
St Xaviers College Ranchi RANCHI Jharkhand
Swami Sahajanand College BOKARO Jharkhand
Tana Bhagat College GUMLA Jharkhand
Tata College PASCHIMI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Teachers’ Training College Jharkahand RANCHI Jharkhand
The Graduate School College Woman PURBI SINGHBHUM Jharkhand
Ursuline Women’S Teachers Training College LOHARDAGA Jharkhand

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