List of Engineering Colleges in Meghalaya


List of  Engineering Colleges in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is the most iconic and versatile of all the North east states in India and is often referred to as the arts, music, culture and lifestyle center of the seven North Eastern states.In spite of all these extra curricular activities, the people of Meghalaya and its capital Shillong are also very serious when it comes to a higher education and especially professional degrees.

As far as engineering colleges in Meghalaya are concerned, there is unfortunately just one to its credit, but thats not so bad considering its a tiny state with a small population. This multi facility college has some of the best teaching faculty in the state and also doubles up as a management institute, both of which are top notch. Keeping in mind that there is just engineering in the state,the government has been effortlessly trying to come up with the idea of building a few more, even if its means a private college wants to start.

Scope and eligibility of engineering in Meghalaya

The Shillong engineering and management college is the only engineering institute in the state and as a result there is always a beeline in order to secure a seat in this college.The seats are filled purely on the basis of merit, however there are a few seats that can be filled in by the management and its at their discretion that they can privately chose a candidate to admit.

Shillong is still a developing city and due to this there are ample opportunities in public civil construction companies, mobile service providers, road works contractors, computers and IT to name a few industries that are looking out for fresher graduate engineers whom they will readily employ.There are also many government jobs in civil projects, dams and power companies who hire engineers and these jobs are both paying well and very stable.



College Name District State
Shillong Engineering & Management College Meghalaya



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