M.U F.E Result


M.U F.E Result

F.E Semester 1 and F.E Semester 2 May 2011 Results click here!!

M.U F.E Result – All those who have been to engineering colleges in mumbai and  cleared F.E from Mumbai University know it’s the toughest year of all the four.Since 2001 the “new syllabus” tweaked the First year syllabus and brought down the subjects to 12 from the erstwhile 16 that most of us from the “old course” had the displeasure of living through.I definitely thought it would make things easier,it’s a number game afterall,a psychological mindset of clearing 6 papers,instead of 8.With profound shame I havto admit that my college was in the last five on the list of passing percentage in the university,which means all those who all cleared,even one ATKT means its considered fail.This was in the range of 25% to 32%,the highest being50 %-55% for VJTI.

This year it seems,only 19% of all the students that appeared in the 55 colleges affiliated to M.U. managed to clear the first semester.They claim instead of the “staple” one tough paper in the semester there were two ! Whats true is that one paper is always “off beat”,a little challenging but still winnable, the university would never set a paper that woudn’t have atleast 35 marks of standardized answerable content.In our days, CP2(pascal programming) was considered the worst of the lot,with much irony because CP1 was a cakewalk that dealt with windows and simple hardware terminology.CP1 had a passing percentage of 85% while cp2 cringed at 25%,but I can proudly say that I cleared cp2 without learning a single program, or a single line of code,on my second attempt of course.Also I maintain that Maths 1 is the toughest maths youll ever deal with in your life,and these two subjects are the ones that have accounted for the failures this year ,surprise surprise??
So the TOI reported the heads of the various colleges met to discuss this catastrophe. Since the first year papers are outchecked by externals, the university blamed the fiasco on some new barcode sytem that was introduced this year,and hence could just be glitch!if things were so easy.
A similar situation a few years ago when we were in T.E happened, when almost eh entire batch of instrumentation failed one particular paper,they wer advised to give the apers back for re checking,but still there was much agitation and agony,people took to the streets,and then the mother of all miracles happened,the rechecking results were out,and everyone had passed!!
Probably the same thing might happen this year too,id say better than cry about it,give it a better shot in the Kts,its time you F.E guys realize the first year is the toughest,its after this year that we see the most dropouts from engineering,it’s the first and hardest test to separate the boys from the men.



F.E 2011 MAy results Mumbai university semester 1 and semester 2