MS or MBA which is better ?


MS or MBA which is better  -Classic question that’s been doing the rounds is- out of the two MS or MBA which is better  Of course we all know that an MS is an American Degree for post graduation Engineering.MBA for that matter can be done in USA or at your home country too,most of the management objectives and training of MBA is almost the same all over the world.

Keeping that in mind we can rephrase our common question to an MS in USA vs an MBA in USA or anywhere else in the world.So,if you are a confused Engineer, read on and go
thorugh these points of difference before you can make up your mind.


1 A continuation of your engineering stream

And a much more in depth study of your subject.

If in college you didn’t have a good time whilst doing

Your B.E or BTech or B.S Degree, common  sense

Will tell you –enough of Technical Knowledge

by doing an MS

  It is something new,a brand new course

study,brand new collegeBooks,subjects and in

a way a new life (academic)

so to speak.Honestly,technical Education is

quite hard, so to many Engineers doing

an MBA will be a cakewalk, instead of again roughing it out

2 2Doing MS in US is a new lease of freedom in
it own right as it will be a whole new world for manystudents who have been
stuck in the same city for the last 16 years of their educational life.This is
the first time you will be out in the world on your own,which is certainly not
a  bad thing.It will be an advantage as
your quality of life will be improved and you will make

a new set of friends. Chances
are that you eventually could like your new home

more than your home country
and would not want to leave, and maybe settle

and work there.

On the other hand doing an MBA in your home
country could also be a pleasant experienceas its so convenient to
travel,close to home ad your work together.This way you can easily keep your
job and earn while you earn while doing a

part time MBA course.Think of it 2
years of work is A LOT of money. By doing an

MBA you can have your cake and eat
it too,get your degree as well as earn through

out the period,instead of going
to a foreign country for MS and earn nothing

and still pay for boarding lodgiing,
college tuition, its a huge difference.

3 The cost factor is one of the most
important.Doing MS in USA can be expensive as therewill be other costs as
mentioned above besides college.We are lookingat living
expenses,rent,travel,air tickets and tuition fees.

It could skyrocket.Nonetheless
an MS in USA would still be much cheaper than

an MBA from USA

MBA in your home country can be very
reasonably priced starting from a few thousanddollars,but MBA in a foreign country
again can prove to be extremely expensive asan MBA is the most sought after
professional degree.Also,most executives of

companies are enrolled into the MBA
program on the tab of the company. This is

one of the primary reasons why an
MBa degree aborad can cost anywhere from

$30K onwards a year.

4 AS far as careers and salaries are concerned

there are a few things to bear in mind.An

inexperienced MS passout will command

a lesser salary than an MBA passout who is equally inexperienced

Also,on the other hand, a candidate who has

experience and then gets his MS will also be

lesser paid than an experienced MBA passout.


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