Nasal sinuses inflammation – Home remedies for Reduction and treatment


Nasal sinuses inflammation – In most metro cities the high level of pollution and toxicity in the breathable air is the number one factor for ailments of the respiratory system. The most common to be affected is the hollow bone structure surrounding the mouth and nose in the skull, the sinus pathways.

Acute and chronic sinus infection

As with any acute and chronic diseases, the symptoms of Acute Sinusitis come on quickly and after a course of antibiotics and other decongestants, it goes away within a week or 10 days time. In a Chronic Sinus Infection, the inflammation lasts for for a short spell, reduces after medication but comes back again and continues in this wave pattern that lasts months or even years. One of the major reasons that people suffer from the chronic version of this infection is not because of low immunity, contrary to popular belief. Instead it is because of a blocked nasal passage way, usually due to a deviated septum that some people naturally have due to their anatomy.This does not allow mucous to pass and when it gets trapped in the sinus cavities in the skull, it is prone to infection.

Signs of sinus infection 

The starting symptoms of the infection is very similar to a common cold. In fact the outcome of a cold transcends into a sinus infection, or both may occur simultaneously at the same time. A stuffy nose is the initial starting symptom that gradually gives a feeling of mild headaches and congestion in all the areas around the eyes, ears and the temple.In some cases one might experience a slight feverish feeling and general ill health.

Sinus Pain Relief

When i get a sudden episode of sinus pain in the forehead and ears, i have one quick fix solution to it. It almost every time works for me. I have explained it in detail down below. Since my father is a practicing yoga instructor, he showed me this simple fix. Remember that the Eustachian tube is the cause of all the stuffiness and pain most of the time. This gets blocked with phlegm and mucous and is the chief reason for the discomfort.If we can force this collection of mucous out immediate, it will give a sense of relief. By creating a pressure buildup inside this tube we can achieve that. Read the “Do yoga” tip down below for details how to do it.

Sinus surgery -is it necessary?

Many chronic sinus sufferers are advised to go in for this minor procedure to correct the nasal passage. In most cases like a deviated septum, the mis-alignment of the nasal cavity gives one nostril a clear path and the other a constricted path for air flow. This is corrected in the sinus surgery. It does give relief and reduces the accumulation of mucous which in turn reduced the buildup of fluid. The best way it can help is that is gives you a clear breathing passage and that helps tremendously.

Nasal sinuses inflammation- Ways to counter it at home

1.Do yoga

There are two breathing exercises that i do that has helped in my chronic sinusitis. i will explain them in detail in a later post, but the first involves holding one nostril with your thumb and breathing in through the other, then without exhaling, hold the air ,trapped in the Eustachian tube, but closing the other nostril also. Now open the second nostril and exhale. Do this switching nostrils for 2-3 minutes.

2.Avoid strong caffeine

This is a personal irritant. Coffee for me is my morning ritual, id rather die than stop it, and neither am i telling you to do so. BUT, try switching to  lower blend of caffeine ,one that isn’t so potent and strong, maybe a decaf also could work.

This is my personal view, and through my own experience,i have noticed that whenever i have strong coffee or a cola,i get this buildup of phlegm in my sinuses.

Nasal sinuses inflammation

3.Sleep on your side

A major cause of chronic sinusitis is a buildup of congestion due to a deviated septum, while sleeping on your side can reduce the pressure on the septum and clear the nasal passage ways.

4. Do regular Cardio exercise 

Building up your immunity is a must, if your immunity is strong then chances of getting a sinus infection will reduce too . Focus on a  healthy immunity booster diet . If your digestive system is strong and your immunity will improve too.

5. Perform every morning “breath in” exercises. Make sure when inhaling you can feel pressure on your stomach, and when exhaling, force out all of that CO2. This clear up your lungs and makes it strong enough to  help lowering any sinus infections.

6. Ginger Tea/ Tulsi-basil leaves tea is a potent mix to cure any sinus infection.

7. Eat raw ginger every morning with tulsi-basil  plant leaf .

8. Consume luke warm water besides cold water or room temperature water at all times, this is soothing to the entire ENT system.



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