Optometry Courses & Careers


Optometry Courses & Careers РOptometry is the science of ocular correction.Ocular meaning eyes,and and optometrist is the title you will get once you finish this course.Since the last 5 years,the Optometry industry has boomed with many may corporate joining in and starting franchise based businesses.One of the main reasons for this probably is the high margin products that these stores sell.

Just to give you an example of how popular optometry has become – in the area where i stay,there are 6 new optician shops opened in the last 1 year alone! that too on one single street. This is the scope of opening a franchise,stand alone optician store or even working as an optometrist.

There are lots of job opportunities due to this and you will be an integral part of the optician’s store.No optician store can run without a qualified optometrist.It will be your job to check the eyes of the client that enters the store.After checking for a possible defect,you need to prescribe the correction and provide the correct lenses that will adjust the correction.

Optometry Courses & Careers

B.Sc Optometry

This is the best bachelors degree course that you can do in the field of vision and optometry.It is a three year full time course that can be taken up after completing class 12 science with a good score in PCB subjects.

There is 3 years of classroom lectures and practical studies and after that you will have to go through a 4th year of clinical internship or on job training.This is extremely important for your career scope in future.

Some of the subjects for this course are:

  • Physical Optics
  • Geometric Opticals
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Ocular Anatomy
  • Ocular Physiology
  • Visual Optics
  • Optometric Optics
  • Optometric Instrumentation
  • Binocular Vision
  • Major Eye Diseases

Masters in Optometry

This is a post graduate course that you can do after finishing your bachelors degree.It can also be taken up also as  part time course and is very useful as it contains lots of practical classes as well as dissertation.

JOBS and TASKS of an Optometrist are:

  • Perform vision tests and analyze results
  • Diagnose sight problems like near sighted-ness and far sighted-ness
  • Diagnose eye diseases like glaucoma
  • Prescribe glasses,contact lenses and medications


After getting your Bachelors degree,you have a good scope of getting a job in an opticians showroom or an eye clinic.From here you can gather some experience,and maybe even branch out into opening your own optician business after a few years.


Some of the big corporate players that have just stepped into the optometry industry and are hiring are:

  • GKB Opticals
  • Tital Eyecare
  • Lenscart.com

Other places where you can get employment:

  • Eye Clinics
  • Optician Showrooms
  • Eyewear Manufacturers
  • Hospitals

The ocular industry is booming right now than ever before.One fot he major contributions to decrease in eyesight and complications derived from it are the use of smartphones and computers over the last decade.

This constant strain on the eyes and deficiency of vitamins in our diets nowadays has further led to a degradation of our ocular health.

Due to this there is a new trend of mushrooming opticians all over metro cities and more jobs are created sue to this than ever before.

It is a highly specialized line and the competition as of now is also low,so you can be sure of landing a job and getting a good salary.










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