Period pain relief techniques


Period pain relief techniques -Three out of four women feel periods cramping and severe pain and are quick to reach out for the pain killers. This can only wreck havoc to your next cycle. Before you do that, try some of these natural cures that will help. A strong point to add here is that these painful episodes reduce significantly after marriage.

Period pain relief techniques

1.Hot water bottle

One of my favorite is the hot water rubber bottle, that you place on your stomach where it hurts most. This almost ALWAYS does the trick and reduces the suffering significantly.


The best method to reduce pain in the back during menstrual cycle is to gently massage the back in circular motion, this relaxes the muscles and gives relief.

3. Walking

Walking is one of the bet remedies to reduce period pain. This should be started few days before the onset of the period as well as during the cycle.

4.Avoid heaty liquids

According to my own experience, caffeine is your worst enemy and coffee is definite no no. Instead switch to a light tea which is a good anti oxidant for those days and make sure its not too hot, consume luke warm.

5.Foods to avoid

You need to stay far from acidic foods and reduce spicy foods during this time. For most people during this time,  stomach upset is usually a side illness and should be given enough importance, otherwise you will be  fighting battles instead of one. Avoid ginger as its heaty and instead drink luke warm lemonade or lemon water.





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