PLAYBOOK IPAD 2 comparison


Playbook ipad 2 comparison -Alot of bad reviews have circulated around the internet about the Playbook,most noticeably its lack of applications as compared to the Ipad2.,But on this particular instance,I must bet on the dark horse,only on two fronts,-versatile and effeciant email and better keypad.

Not something that is on everyones mind,but lets talk about generic names for  a second.How many of us while growing up never called a “photocopy” a photocopy,but called it a “Xerox”

Similarly, the word “Tablet” just doesn’t come to mind,its too geeky,not for everyone. When we think of that flat touch screen computer that we hold in our hand,all of us only know that’s only called the ipad nothing else,because that’s the endall of the game.Apple made sure its marketing campaign was strong enough not to even give any  future meaningless competion even a sniff at the tablet pie,and that’s what im afraid of will be a slow demise to RIMs new protégé.

Another drawback is the formfactor,RIM has on all accounts matched in all areas of specs,those of the IPAD2,but chooses a 7” instead of 10”.That could be because of the other 7” tablet phones already in the market.One look at it,and it seems that RIM is too confident and is acting bullyish in this perspective,its as if they wants to kill everyone else by cutting through the competition with this screen size.

In actuality,Its simple,when we go into an electronics store to buy a new LCD TV,and there are two hanging on the wall,one is 52” and the other 42”,both for the same price,I think its everyones native instinct to pre choose the bigger one right away,half decide on it and then look at the brochure for the details,so just by looking at the form factor,things look half lost for RIM,atleast in a few million peoples minds.and lets be realistic about this,tablets are the easiest things to use since the remote control,all you do is sit back and punch bright coloured buttons,that means,every kid in town,right upto senior users and college women are  a potential buyer,and the first thing they look at is how it looks,and second comes the specs.Sure there will bea  few loyalists who support the BB,and in the spirit of healthy competition,we recommend it gets a fair chance.

WEIGHT 613gms 425gms
STORAGE 16.32,64 16,32,64 GB
RAM 512 1GB
RESOLUTION 1024*768 1024*400
PRICE $499 Onwards $499 Onwards

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