QA full form


Meaning : Quality Assurance

Category : Companies
Sub Category :Quality checking  
Type : Initialism

There are a total of 5 different full forms for QA.

Quality Assurance


Qatar Academy



What is the full form of QA and meaning ?

The full form of QA has more than 4 different meanings and phrases all ranging from travel to politics.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – This is a management term that is used in corporate language but simply means to ascertain the quality of a product or service. 

QATAR – It is one of the most influential and richest nations in the world due to its oil basins and refining.

QATAR ACADEMY – One of the largest chains of educational institutions in Qatar enrolling thousands of students from all countries.

Aerocaribe – A smaller privately owned airline that was based in Mexico and had the IATA code QA.Not to be confused with Quantas that is the Australian carrier.

Cimber – After Aerocarbie was grounded the IATA code was given to a Danish carrier known as Cimber.

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