QPR full form


Meaning : Quality-Price Ratio

Category : Food & Beverages
Sub Category :Quality  
Type : Initialism

There are a total of 3 full forms for QPR

Quality-Price Ratio

Queens park rangers

Question persuade and refer

What is the full form of QPR and meaning ?

The full form of QPR is used as a variety of 3 different and separate instances ranging from sports,food and others.

Quality price ratio – This is a phrase used in the wine tasting industry.Before a wine can go for retail production,a QPR needs to be ascertained.

Queens park rangers – This is a famous football club from the UK that plays in the second division football league.

Question persuade and refer – This is a phrase that people working for suicide hotlines refer to while talking to a distressed person. They follow the rule of first questioning the person,then persuading and finally referring to a healthcare practitioner.

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