QRS full form


Meaning : Quantron/ Quantum resonance system

Category : Companies
Sub Category :Healing therapy
Type : Initialism

There are 3 meanings of the full form of QRS

1.An electrocardiogram complex consisting of the Q, R, and S waves

2.Quilon radio service

3.Quantron/Quantum resonance system

What is the full form of QRS and meaning ?

1.an electrocardiograph complex consisting of the Q, R, and S waves – When a heart patient takes an ECG test,it comprises of a graph that reads Q waves,R Waves and S waves all on different axes.Each having a different significance.

2.Quilon radio service – the name of a company based in South India that used to sell radios back in the day.

3.Quantron/Quantum resonance system – This company used to market devices related to magnetic therapy healing.These produced vibrating pulses on the body that resulted in pain relief.

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