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Qvendo Review -If you have it, Flaunt it. Whoever said that definitely shopped at Qvendo ,because thats the class and elegance the  Swiss Online Fashion Store portrays when you first log in. When asked by a common friend to review Qvendo, it seemed daunting, even though our website does feature E-commerce Portal Reviews, but none with so much panache and exuberance.

The  online retail store has just opened its doors on
the Indian Virtual shore and  stocks
Fashion Accessories and Apparel form the biggest designers on the planet.
Shoppers can get great buys at awesome prices through its weekly “Sale
Campaigns”.  The one thing that makes
Qvendo unique is its exclusivity and its VIP access features, that separates
the Crème de la Crème from a window shopper. There are just two ways of getting
an exclusive membership here- either you get an invite from an existing member
(like our website) here- http://qvendo.com/vip/indianbloggers
-or you apply for membership by leaving your name and email
address on the website, after which they will get back to you. Either way,
there is no price to pay for membership.

qvendo review

In the real world, instead of making your way
to pickup something off the fall collection of a Galliano ensemble at a 5 star
hotel lobby, that caters more to expats and Hotel Guests, Qvendo makes it
easier at a click from your bedroom. If the Fashionista in you goes a little
beyond cK stonewash jeans and a Tommy white tee, read on.

Some of current sale campaigns end on the 12th
of October. So,  what would  Rs.50,000
($1100) get you at Qvendo? We picked a few “to die for” things that we would
love to see in our shopping basket from the current sale campaigns. All pictures
courtesy Qvendo.com.

qvendo review

Hamlet derby shoe vintage grey- Original price-12300/Qvendo Price-7900

Rustic and Matte looks fantastic and is perfect for a quiet dinner at the Turf Club

qvwndo review

Hamlet slipper brown Original Price-8400/Qvendo Price-5400—Can be teamed
with white causal shorts for Sunday morning brunch at the deli

qvendo review

Tommy Hilfiger sack coat Original Price-19,500/Qvendo Price-11000

Best for Early evening wear to the Supper Club

qvendo review

Armani shades black/green- Original Price-17600/Qvendo Price-7400

looks best with white shirt, or bright colors, can be owrn for most part of the day


 5 Reiterated Reasons you should signup at Qvendo.com

1.Great discounts and slashed rates on sale
campaigns, which change every 2-3 weeks. Items sell out fast in the campaigns,
and its not uncommon to see a “only 1 piece left” sticker on showcased

2.Easy to navigate user interface, that makes
it as easy as filliping a page of Vogue and selecting your product to add to
your shopping basket.

3. Extremely secure online transactions that
use Wirecard AG, a payment service from Germany, which is a comfort when youre
in the mood to splurge.

4.Prompt delivery within a week to your doorstep
with all freight, duty and customs charges taken care of. Qvendo instills faith
in you that the Prada bag you ordered is really shipped from overseas and not
stitched in your neighborhood cobblers attic.

5.All of us want to belong to something
exclusive and private, it’s a five star feeling that makes us feel special and
its good for our ego. By being part of this classy club, separates you from the
rest of the world, and reassures you, that you have that extra edge.


Looking at qvendo makes us wonder…is this the
future of online fashion shopping? how classy can it get? Maybe in the near
future, you could shop for your next CLS 350 from your bedroom. If you can buy
tablets and smartphones that cost over
30 grand without batting an eyelid, you can definitely pamper yourself
here, because this is the next Rodeo Drive of the web.






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