Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai


Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai – Done with your hospitality diploma?and now you want to open a restaurant do you?If you a full detailed guide on how to open a restaurant you can read it.For those few who have a streak of maverick ism in them, read on:

The world loves glamour,beautiful people,the world loves food,and if you can make a little money while your’e at it,,why not wouldn’t you say,Two years of experience in a real world kitchen should be enough to start with. I’m talking about a live a la carte kitchen on fire,rush hour guests with the orders pouring in,its hot,its sticky and you cant get a whiff beyond the garlic chutney.This is a harsh environment.and you have to be smack in the middle of it.

Assuming you’ve been through that phase for a mid sized restaurant business plan in Mumbai

Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai

Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai expenses

1.Rent amount of atleast 1.5 to 7 lac rupees ($3K-17K) a month depending on the location and size of premises

2.Overheads,including staff and electricity and gas– another 1.5 lac per month

3.Clearances from the municipal corporation-licenses include health,eating house,rolling shutter,stall board,gradation—renewable every year-about 30,000 INR

4.NOC from the fire department

5.Police licence-valid for one year

6.Renovation expenditure,depends on your budget,starting from 2 lac rupees

7.If you want to opt for liquor too,will set you back 4 lac rupees –valid for one year

8.VAT –oping for 6 monthly return about 1 lac + 20% on liquor sales—approximately 4 lacs a year

9. “Payouts” to keep everyone happy-about 15K a month

That should make you “less richer” by a very modest  6 lacs($16k) a month at a minimum.

So there you have it.The restaurant business is =by the rich,for the rich,=unless you plan on starting a small side of the road eatery,but you didn’t sign up for catering school for that did  you?


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