We took the time to compile this short list of information for all the young professionals,whether youre running your own power house or working in one of them,the stress levels of work nowadays has reached an all time high.This is because everyone has become even so competitive and driven,and its even harder to make money,as a result we  dont get the appropriate level of physical and mental relaxation,which in the long run could be hazardous to our health.A basic guide to 15 minutes of simple yoga in  a day should be practiced by everyone,read on.


What is yoga?

Physical pricatices which tone up the internal organs of the body helps keep the  body fit and pure.Medatative and physical, not only body building exercises but also increases mental power.


Duration of simple yoga exercises?

15-20 minutes per day at a relaxed pace would suffice.Asanas can be done with the following positions-standing,sitting,lying on back,lying on chest.You can choose any two from each,in differnet combinations,preceded and followed by a few minutes of silence.



Sitting-Simhasana,Vajrasana,yoga mudra,gomukhasana

Lying on back-Ardha halasana,pawanmuktasana,Sarvangasana

Lying on chest-Bhujangasana,Shalabhasana,Dhanurasana

End with Shavasana.


What diet should i follow?

A satvic vegetarian diet would be ideal,but a balanced diet should suffice.



When should i do simple yoga asanas?

Preferably morning on a an empty stomach or evening when limbs are more elastic.



What are the benefits of simple yoga?

More elastic our bodie are,the healthier we are.Not only body building, but prevents mental facilites from disintegration,lenghtens your life span,and keeps the mind and body in perfect health and rejuvenates it.




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