Stop hair falling out – 7 Killer Tips


7 killer tips to stop hair falling out – I am sure you have read articles like this all over the internet. Self proclaimed advocates that know some secret tips to reduce hair fall. This is for men as well as women. Men are more prone to hair fall, but that’s mostly naturally and genetically. Women on the the other¬† hand face this problem because of various reasons like a poor diet and hormonal imbalance.

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Read a small paragraph below out few quick tips to start on your journey to healthy head of hair.Now read about my personal tryst with this problem.

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stop hair falling out


Yes you heard me right.Now before you go crazy on me, let me revise that first statement.You need to comb ever so less as possible.Remember that once the hair get pulled off from the roots and you are more than 35, the chances of the root producing another strand is limited.

2.Drink water

Staying hydrated has always been the mantra for most of the new age cures. Same goes for the enrichment and hydration of the root tips.

3.Consume protein

The  more lean meats an pulses you consume the better for your overal webing as well as the nutritional quotient of your scalp, just like any other functional area of the anatomy requires the right amount of intake to perform well.

4.Cut chemicals

Chemicals in any form,are different from organic substances, whether taken internally or applied on the epidermis is harmful for the scalp and inversely affect the health of the upper skin layers

5.Remove oils with mild shampoo and pollution

One of the major reason for reduced hair fall deteriorating scalp is the affect of urban pollution and gases in the air. This gases when settle on a sweaty scalp forms a tarry layer and needs to be removed with a mild shampoo. In some ethnic cultures, the use of coconut oil on the scalp is a common practice, but this only blocks the pores and suffocates the follicle.

6.Blow during keep distance of six inches

For everyone who blow drys their hair after a shower should remember to keep the six inch rule distance from the scalp

7. Use curd to strengthen hair

It has been said that regular use of curd or yogurt in the hair gives a stronger hair follicle embedding into the scalp


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