TAOBAO TIPS for buying products


TAOBAO TIPS for buying products – For all those of you who don’t live in our universe,’taobao’ with an alexa ranking of 15 is the biggest online market place on the planet.Each day goods worth $1.4 bn are traded between business and consumer making it also  the highest volume b2c portal,far ahead of amazon and ebay.As everyone might have guessed It belongs to the flagship alibaba group,which in my previous posts I have explained it is the largest B2B platform around.The main difference between the products we get are aliexpress and taobao is the range of products or the “online shops” that they are comprised of.Aliexpress has excellent electronic consumable whereas taobao specializes in clothing,apparel and watches,sunglasses etc.

Since taobao is a Chinese consumer site (by the Chinese for the Chinese),for an “outsider” to access that pool of  good things maybe be somewhat of a challenge initially.The troubleall starts with alipay.

Alipay is the next best thing after paypal, this side of the world, it’s the Chinese answer to online escrow that safeguards consumers interests.Since this took away a major chunk of paypals business,paypal itself has tied up with some banking institutions in china to give online shoppers a second choice,but for the alibaba group to include that into its scheme of things would be another story. Just like ebay allover the world,shoppers use taobao to resell products at a higher rate in their respective countries as taoabo boasts of extremely competitive prices.

There are two ways  ,one can make payments to taobao- TAOBAO TIPS buying a recharge card from china post office(something like a top up for your mobile device) and then inserting the code into your alipay account.

2.Direct transfer of funds from your Chinese bank account.

Getting a taobao english agent:
Most of us don’t have this privilege since we don’t reside on Chinese soil,so we would have to get in touch with a taobao english agency website that has local residency to transfer funds into the alipay account on your behalf.

Most of the agency websites are genuine  and a simple google search would throw up a few thousand results.

In return they would charge you  small commission or fee for using their services.

Once you get your alipay account setup and you have it flushed with funds (your own money of course) its time to setup your taobao english user account and begin your splurge.

Once you setup your relationship with your taobao english agent,they would also recommend sellers that could give you good deals and the agents thereafter would offer you huge discounts on the overseas shipping as part of their lure to take up their service

It is recommended that you do a comprehensive search of other agents before you settle on your final choice as different agents offer better services and prices to keep the competition alive.

Before actually making purchases on,use the google translate plugin to review links and tabs,so as to give a clearer layout of the website that is available only in Chinese,  but don’t let that daunt you,after a few hours at it,it will be as easy as apple pie because the search field contains many english words to choose from.There are many taobao english guides that can help you through this process.

Once you begin your quest for products on,it is imperitive to check the credentials of the seller.There are millions of shops, and moderators have  hard time keeping track of fraudulent activity.One way to ensure the genuinity of a seller is by cheking how he positively he is rated by other past customers,his credit rating and the volumes of business he has done in the last few months.This appears as the number of products sold in a time frame,which would be in the range of thousands, for a reliable source.

The greatest thing we can foresee about using an taobao english agent is the use of paypal as our long and trusted escrow,its something that we have always worked with,maybe for a few dollars more.
These few tips will help get you around your taobao english experience and make your shopping experience easier.




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