TOEFL COACHING – Format | Registration | Scoring

TOEFL COACHING – Format | Registration | Scoring


Simplest way to register is online at and pay the fee of $165 by credit/debit card.Otherwise you can go directly to the centre in your city and register there atleast 7 days before the test day.You can change or reschedule your test day,no later than 3 days before the test dayat a fee of $60 however you can ask for a refund by filling in the refund form on the ets website,of which you will recive half the fee.To apply for a new test day,fill in a fresh registration form.

1.It conssits of 4 sections viz-Reading, Listening,Writing, Speaking
2.Maximum score is 120.30 points for each of the 4 sections.
3.Speaking section consists of 6 tasks rated from 0 to 4,for which you get 20 minutes.The average taken and based on 30 points Beolw 9 is weak,10-17 limited,18-25 fair,25+ good
4.Writing-2 tasks rated 0 to 5,for which you get 50 minutes.The average is taken and scored to 30 points.Below 16 is weak,17-23 fair,and above 23 good.
5.Readingconsists of 36-70 questions for which you get 60-100 minutes.It is based on 30 points,of which is you scorebelow 14 it is low,above 22 is high.
6.Listening consists of 34-51 questions for which you get 60-90 minutes. It is based on 30 points,of which is you scorebelow 14 it is low,above 22 is high.

Printed registration number
Acceptable ID with photgraph,Name and Surname.For this the passport is the best document.

The TOEFL scores can be checked online,after about 2weeks after the test date.
An intimation email will be sent to you when youre scores are ready.It takes about 2 weeks to receive the scores by mail.
These scores are VALID for two years.
You can choose 4 institution wher you want your scores to be sent.Any additional score report will cost $17 each.
Cancellation of test score is possible by filling up the cancellation section on the answer sheet at the bottom.There is no fee for this,and also your test fee wil not be refunded.Furthermore,your cancelled test score will not be added to the added to the database,or made any record of.If you cancel your test score and then wish to reinstate it after second thought,for a fee of $20 that is possible if done within 10 days of taking the test.


1.Dilip oak-pune
(020) 2565 6237, 2567 8066 , 2565 4052

2.Acheivers Point-All india

9871653759, 23015639 / 23015602

4.Princeton Review-Delhi,Bengalur
41626803, 41755725 / 6

24330509, 24330007, 41552577

65654789/90, 26330336

265-2350460, 2350470, 2327338

8.Global Education-WestBengal

124 438 5306/ 11-6565-7495

10.Wisdom Mart-Delhi

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