Tomb Sweeping day in China


Tomb Sweeping day in China – Last evening,one of our clients,anxiously called, asking about the status of their shipping order,its been over 4 weeks already,not too unusual for sea cargo,but nonetheless checked with the dispatch manager in Shenzen .Logging into messenger,something was amiss,all contacts showed offline,it was a Monday after all, and the annual spring festival was just over.I called the Hongkong branch,which was unreachable too.Then a Chinese friend of mine called “Aaron” came online.Aaron is based in the arabs are the biggest sources of technology from china.Then asked him if everything was alright,if any tsunami had hit china, he said for three days,the “tomb sweeping day festival” was on, and all private companies were off for the next three days.
Tomb sweeping day also known as qingming or ching ming.
Apparantly the day is called “qingming” meaning “pure” and “bright”,and it’s the day that people remember the dead by going to the cemetery and placing wine,meat and other food as an offering in front of the tomb and then of course sweeping the tomb,hence the name. Its Similar to “all saints day” in the Christian calendar.There is a similar day called “ghosts day” too,that is celebrated in the same fashion. This information was astonishing.It was so much of a revelation.How different and unique Chinese culture is from the rest of the world.It s the land of festivitals,maybe that’s something to do with the fact that –“there are more people with genius IQ in china than anywhere else in the world?”-(opeining line from the social network” So now we know,when our pals back east aren’t masterminding sales pitches selling us technology,we know where else they might be at;’

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