Truebil vs Olx Cash my car vs Cars 24


Truebil vs Olx Cash my car vs Cars 24 – These are the three major startups out there that are competing against each other to purchase your car.Out of these three Cars 24 advertises the most so i decided to get a quote from all three and sell my car to the highest bidder.All three companies have a similar strategy – they send their executive to your home,who then clicks pictures and also takes a small test drive.You then get an offer from the company based on an auction scheme – which i will get to later.


Truebil and Olx cash my car are both absolutely free,but sadly Cars 24 charges you Rs.199 for the same service of doorstep inspection.This is ridiculous i felt,especially since they seem to be the one with the highest advertising budget.However if you take your car to the closest Cars 24 outlet,they will do the inspection free.This didnt work for me as the nearest outlet at Worli was a 25 minute ride for me.

Truebil – FREE

OLX cash my car – FREE

Cars 24 – Rs.199 per home visit

How it works – The car Auction

After the executive from the car companies comes to inspect the car and clicks pictures,he also makes a report after checking the car thoroughly.A short test drive later and the executive has finished his job.

Now,this data is offered to a set of private dealers in an auction of sorts.The car dealers will each bid his highest price and offers it to Olx/Cars 24.There is also a buffer price that the company keeps.

for example if the highest price offered by one of the dealers is Rs.2 lacs for a car,the auctioning company will add a buffer commission of 10% or rs.10,000 extra and tell give you the quotation of Rs.1,90,000.This exact buffer commision i dont have the exact figure,but this is the way they operate.



I finally sold my car through OLX cash my car,because they were fast,honest in their dealings and gave a fair price.I had to haggle a little to increase the price,but the executive who handled my deal was nice and gave me my price.

It was a good experience and only after the money came into my account in 1 hours time,the driver came and took possession of the vehicle.

Highly recommended service and a good initiative bu OLX ash my car.

In comparison,trubill offered a ridiculous price,which was not only insulting but made me lose my temper and shout at the executive on the phone who offered it to me.Either they are not honest in their dealings or they think the consumer is an idiot.



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