Turbotax card review – Fees and FAQ


Turbotax card review – Fees and FAQ – The best way to get your tax refund nowadays is from direct card transfer into a prepaid card rather a check payment from the IRS.The charges and fees for this service is minimum and the advantage of a prepaid card that accepts tax refunds is the safety factor in case of loss of card as well as the speed with which you receive your refund.It takes much longer for a check in the mail compared to receiving the direct fund transfer on your card.
In this article we will highlight 3 ways to get your tax refund:
1.Prepaid card from Turbotax
2.Prepaid card from H & R Black emerald Card
3.Direct IRS service via Wheres my refund on the official website

Turbotax help support and customer care numbers

Community help problem 

  • Phone support number – 1-800-4INTUIT
  • Turbotax mailing address:

Mailing address – Turbo? Prepaid Visa® Card Customer Care, P.O. Box 5100, Pasadena, CA 91117-0100 or

call us at (888) 285-4169.

  • Main office – Address: 2700 Coast Ave
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Phone: 650-944-6000
  • Turbotax locations

Turbotax card review – Fees and FAQ

Turbotax card review - Fees and FAQ

Putting it extremely short and simple- the TurboTax card is extremely beneficial for getting your tax refund quick.this can be done as fast as eight days.This TurboTax card review being unbiased we can go on to say that the main reason why its so quick is that there is no credit check or bank account involved,and the deposit goes straight into your TurboTax card.
The card itself easily interleaved into your TurboTax software so that all your tax information and specifics are conveniently accessible.This helps greatly after filing taxes as refund amount can be credited to your Turbotax card immediately and can be withdrawn from a wide Moneypass network that operates through 22,000 surcharge free ATMs.
As far as adding funds go,there are various ways to do so.The most convenient of them all is the Direct Deposit.This happens every payday  and the recurring nature of this fund addition technique allow the user to access the funds directly on the payday itself!This all happens extremely fast and without any check clearing fees.If you signup for this offer then you get a $10 credit to your card.
Since Turbotax card is primarily a Visa prepaid card,the easiest way to reload is through cash.Turbotax cards runs on the MoneyPak Network, you simply add the MoneyPak account number as well as the card number as shown below to start the process.
Other ways of reloading the card.This method of adding funds doesn’t cost anything.Its a simple online  that involves going to your banks website to add your turbotax card.Once that is setup, you can initiate the EFT-electronic fund transfer/also known as ACH-automated clearing house to  transfer funds.Depending on your bank of choice,the transfer could be completed in 1-3 working days and there could be a small charge from your bank to use this service.
The maximum amount you can charge your Turbotax card with is $1000 in a 30 day cycle.Before loading your card,check your card load limits.


There is no charge to apply for the card,no application fees or initial charges.Other charges include:

* A person-to-person transfer is not considered a load or reload for the purpose of waiving the Monthly Charge.
** To find more information about in-network ATMs, visit www.turboprepaidcard.com. ATM operators will not impose fees for in-network transactions.
*** When you use an ATM outside of our network, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator in addition to our fee (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer).

Turbotax card review - Fees and FAQ

Turbotax card FAQs

Since my last post on the Turbotax card review,i got a lot of users asking questions that i hadn’t covered in the review.Here are a few frequently asked questions:
Question 1-can i transfer money from my Turbotax card to my bank account?
Just like all other prepaid cards,loading of funds is a one way road.That is from the a source INTO the card,not the other way around.However you could possibly try and transfer funds into a paypal account successfully.
Question 2-Can you add money to the turbotax card?
Funds can easily be transferred via direct deposit by your employer,through Green Dot moneypak,through your bank account,or is best used to receive your State or Federal Tax Refund.
Question 3-How long for the bank to post to the card?
If you wish to transfer funds from your bank savings or checking account,the transfer could take upto 48 hours to figure on your card.Check with your bank if they can arrange the transfer,and if yes,there most probably will be a charge.
Question 4-What happens if i lost my turbotax card?
You can apply for a new card at a charge of $4.95.It will take 7-10 business days to get to you
Question 5-Why cant i use my card online?
It works on the Visa network and in principle is the same as using a Visa Debit card
.check if you have sufficient funds on the card before making online purchases or paying bills online.
Question 6-Can i use my Turbotax card for bank withdrawal?
As explained in question 1, prepaid cards are a one way process.Your bank may permit you to add funds from your checking/savings account but the reverse.This means you cannot access any part of your banking information via the card.
Question 7-What is the deposit time for funds into my card?
For funds transferred via bank accounts the wait is usually upto 48 hours,and for your Tax refund it could be 7-8 days.

Turbotax card review - Fees and FAQ
Activation too is easy on the card.All you need to do to complete the online process of activation is to punch in the 16 digit number that you received when you signed up,the expiry date and 3 digit code. Finalize by entering last 4 digits of your SS.
Hope this TurboTax card review will get some of you folks to sign up for it.Take my word for it,if you enjoyed using the Turbotax software,you will love this!


Turbotax card app for android

The Turbotax card app for android has its latest version out in the Android market for free download.This latest version that has the login bug fixed, and promises a better experience at using this utility.The main rouse against the previous versions has only been its error at the login screen,namely with the username/password; and   other complaints regarding receiving the refund even though the online tax return was successfully completed and the date was given by the IRS.
It so happens that the IRS occasionally changes the date sometimes, and when the user doesn’t find the tax refund on the card on previously prescribed date,has the card to blame instead of the IRS.
For issues relating to login page errors,if some users still get it after the new version download,creating a new account again via the app might solve the problem.
In our Turbotax card review,we went over some of the better features of the card and how it held out against other tax cards.If you made your choice and opted for the Turbotax card you can download this app for free to keep tabs on your Turbotax card balance,this can save you the 50 cent ATM enquiry fee,not to mention the convenience of it.
Other great features include locating one of the thousands of GreenDot ATMs instantly,so that you dont have to pay that extra surcharge fees for an ATM withdrawal from a non affiliate ATM network.
Other perks of this free app include keeping tabs on your tax refund and get an alert knowing when it will get loaded on your card.This app lets you check all your previous transactions and what you have spent on the card without logging into your account on the Turbotax website.
You could also apply for your new turbotax card from the app and receive the same in the mail.
All in all, it seems like something you just cannot do without.Having the convenience of your turbotax card details in your pocket is just another fantastic reason to get the Turbotax Card.Its services like this that lets Intuit proudly proclaim that it produces the best consumer tax software in the market.


h and r block emerald card review

The h and r block emerald card review will give taxpayers a choice to choose between the Turbotax card and the Emerald card.Both are prepaid cards and have all the benefits that come with prepaid cards which are no cash checking fees,no credit check or no signup amount.Also both have the ability to get your tax refund directly loaded in your prepaid card.Here is a closer look at both the cards.
What we love about the Emerald card is the vast options of loading funds onto the card.You can choose between asking your employer to direct deposit your payroll onto the card,via Moneygram, Greendot Moneypak voucher,or through Western Union.
The next best name in the Tax Return Filing business after Turbotax is H and R block.The Turbotax card let your tax refund from the IRS loaded on your card within 7-8 days.The H and R block emerald card also does the job,but gives us a time frame of 8 to 15 days to get our Tax Refund loaded onto the card.
I’ve saved one of the best benefits for last.If you need an immediate nee an advance line of credit,simply call the hotline and it will be loaded on your card within 1 hour!
I hope this h and r block emerald card review can help you make a decision for a good prepaid tax card.Any questions or comments,the form is right below.


Where’s my refund procedure


To check the status of your refund via where’s my refund procedure is a simple process,if followed methodically as shown below.It involves checking your tax return status to see if its cleared by IRS,finding the relevant dates and finally receiving your tax refund:

Step 1

Collect details of your tax return details ready before logging into the IRS website to check up on your refund status.Make sure that its been at least 72 hours since you filed your electronically or at least 4 weeks after you filed the return  manually via a paper hard copy.Next, go to the IRS login page to check your status.
This can be found by clicking here.Here you can check if it has been successfully accepted by IRS and the status of it.As shown in the image below,the login page consists of details that include the 9 digit SSN/Taxpayer Number,the filing status and the whole dollar refund amount.After  you have successfully logged in,on the left bar under “your return” there is a check status.This message will either be pending,rejected or accepted.

If your status shows no information regarding the return then try again after a while.This is possibly due to a large number of users accessing their data at the same time and the system not being able to reflect updates.

Step 2

Next check our refund dates from the image tables below:


Step 3

Depending on which method you chose to receive where is my refund the release of funds by IRS will be either by direct bank deposit or you will receive a paper check in the mail from IRS.This takes twice as along as compared to a direct bank deposit.Also,using your Turbotax Card can speed up things to an extent.For further queries you can contact the IRS Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954

Things to remember

1.Refunds will be despatched from anywhere between 10 to 21 days since acceptance by IRS,In addition.
2.IRS/SSN/Taxpayer identification number for forms 1040/1040A/100EZ is in the right hand top corner on page 1
3.Filing Status on forms 1040/1040A/1040EZ on page 1,boxes 1 through 5
4.Refund amounts are on line 74a-1040/43a-1040A/11a-1040EZ
5.Electronic filing compared to paper filing is much faster,and the refund can be processed in 3 weeks compared to 6 weeks for paper filing.

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