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If any of you have receiced an SMS saying that read “Kickstart
your Career with the University 18 Online EMBA and MS in IT Programs for professionals in India,UK and /uae “

Call it EMBA, or Education 2.0.that is the hybrid of web 2.0 technology and education. Its the next generation of online education. University
18 has changed the traditional college course into an academic experience that you can attend to  from your bedroom. Many of you may think that this not very well accepted in the real world but an online mba can be fun convenient and as knowledgeable as any “real world” mba diploma/degree.

University 18 has students from 5 continents  and uses new age cloud computing to create virtual classrooms under the “Learning Management System” that is affiliated and accredited to the Karnataka State University, Uttarakhand Open University and Don Bosco University.


Programs and  Pricing


Karnataka State Open University

BBA 54,000 3 years
BCA 48,000 3 years
EXecutive MBA 38,000 1 year
MBA IT 48,000 2 years
MBA Entrepreneurship 48,000 2 years
MBA with  specialisation 48,000 2 years
MS IT 56,000 2 years


Don Bosco University

BBA 60,000 3 years
BCA 60,000 3 years
Executive MBA 85,000 1 year
MBA with Specialisation 60,000 2 years
MBA ENtrepreneurship 60,000 2 years
MBA Technology Management 60,000 2 years
MS IT 85,000 2 years
MCA 65,000 3 years


How the Online Process works

Its not harder than watching tv and flicking channels with the remote. “Virtual Classes” are conducted twice a week early in the morning, so that makes it easier for working professionals  to attend before they leave for work. A Faculty member will conduct each session via webcam and microphone via voice chat.The program required to run this interface is called UBS virtual classroom and a picture is shown below.The software of course provided by UBS.

university 18 review



On the right are the names of student who are attending
the classroom at any given time. If for any reason you cant attend a particular class, you can always record it and watch it later. This online class is just another version of the classic “webinar” that’s been in existence on the net for many years now.


As far as Online Examinations are concerned, those unfortunately cannot be given from your bedroom, but at an exam center under the in vigilance of a “real” staff member.A CBT (computer based test) will have to be taken at the exam venue. University 18 has an online form called the Flexibooking system whereby the candidate can choose his exam center venue, date and time.You can pre book the exam and the booking will hold for a maximum of 60 days.Below is a snapshot of the flexibooking system. Online exam for international students is done via the OWPE or online web proctored exam on their own laptop/desktop .

university 18 review



An EMBA from University 18 is extremely worthwhile for people who already have a small business running, people who run family businesses
and don’t have the time to leave their business and apply for even a part time MBA in other colleges. Working professionals have that liberty of taking up a part time MBA course but businessman find it harder, so this might suit them.
Also,an EMBA is more self learning and direct management implementation, therefore small business owners can apply these management fundamentals to help boost their business and don’t really need a degree of great value to show someplace, a long as they can learn good management skills its more than sufficient.

Executive mangers in their 30s and 40s who are at senior
levels in companies also find it extremely difficult to opt for even a part
time MBA in the real world, hence an Executive EMBA from University 18 would greatly polish up their managerial skills,as it is also specially designed short term course of only 1 year for high level executives with extremely busy schedules.


People who are already working at  a job and want to climb higher the career ladder with the help of an MBA degree might not get the necessary weightage with an EMBA. Even though the curriculum is exactly the same as that what you would get at a conventional B School,when going out to get a job,it just wont be as attractive as real world classroom MBA degree. EMBA and online learning are still new concepts, as they ultimately give you a degree from an affiliate open university, and for you to convince a new employers and the HRD to hire you might be a hard task.

On the other hand, given the low costs and convenience.(it costs one tenth the tuition of a regular MBA degree) and the comfort of your home, it seems like a fantastic idea.

Other students who have enrolled and agree with this  can share their thoughts with this University 18 review post.




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