VUZIX is one of the biggest manufacturers of video goggles In the world, and likes to hold its usp as quality video eyewear as compared to “cheaper mass produced Chinese goggles”.In the coming months, eager consumers are anticipating the foray of Vuzix into the Indian Subcontinent. Some of their products are already showcased in big city malls, where users can try on and get the feel of some of the base models. Vuzix offers high end video goggles for Medical,Military and Commercial Applications too. One of the best offerings is its Augmented Reality Goggles that lets the user view the real world in transparent frames with 3d imagery thrown in,which is available at a price of $4999.Sold under the “Wrap” series for consumers, here is a comparison:

vuzix india

vuzix india

For those of you who cant wait for the official release,its available in India through people who have already imported a few pieces. Here are approximate prices of a few models on sale in the country by indivisual sellers:

Wrap 310-6500

Wrap 230-8,500

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