What we would like to change in the Micromax A110 and see in the A116


With the release of the Micromax A116 Canvas 3 in the end of February, an upgrade to the Micromax A110  Canvas 2, we hope to see some major changes in the new smartphone. After using the A110 for a month now, and comparing initial specifications between the A110 and A116
here is a list of grouses:

Hangs and Crashes– The A110 has a measely 512 MB ram which is extremely low for running high end apps and even mediocre graphic games. Without rooting and tapping into the core processing power of the device, many games either do not startup, or crashed after playing them for sometime. This can get frustrating, and for a phone that sports a dual core processor and a 5 inch screen, 1GB is the bare minimum.

Power-Even though the Battery has an supply of 2000mAH, playing a HD game brings the battery down to less than 20% very soon. I tried this with Deadspace and within a matter of 1.5 hour, the battery was at 50%.The A116 promises to have a slightly more powerful battery  of 2100mAH, that we hope will give us a better power performance.



Internal Memory-Its unfair to compare the Micromax smartphones with those of the bigger international brands, but putting it bluntly,2GB of user memory is “miserly” to say the least. Even though 4GB of internal memory is given, 2GB can be used for the storage of media files etc. The other 2GB is reserved for Apps and system data.One may argue that there is a 32GB SD storage in the external memory slot,retrieving and transferring data to and fro into that memory module is still slower than the accessing the internal memory.

There have been other instances observed by users about call drops and poor image quality of the 8MP camera,but that seemed satisfactory to us.

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